Home Sweet Home

Well, I’m back at my parent’s house in Missouri for my grandpa’s birthday and Easter. The weather has been ok so far, but Tuesday the low is supposed to be 27. That’s about the coldest it ever got in Austin in the winter. I definitely packed the wrong type of clothes since it’s been 75 in Austin for over two weeks. I forgot it wasn’t summer here. Oh well.

The flight up here was uneventful but in Dallas they couldn’t move the jetway away from the plane so we were about 20 minutes delayed. Also, the American airlines terminal in Dallas sucks if you are flying on a small plane. You have to take a shuttle out into the middle of nowhere to get to the small plane terminal. At least I had been through it all before so I knew what to expect, and I knew that there was only one little coffee shop out there so I should get something before I got on the shuttle.

It only took me about four hours to get home instead of the 10 hours of driving it would require. Now, with the high gas prices, it’s almost cheaper to fly when you consider the time savings as well as the gas money. Plus I can sit back and sleep or read or listen to my iPod and not have to worry about crazy drivers running me off the road.

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