Yay Friday! … oh wait…

Today has seemed like a week in itself, which may be why I keep thinking it’s Friday. I’m not sure why, I’ve just been really bored and restless today. Even now that I’ve decided to update, I don’t feel like writing anything. Maybe it’s because of my interview yesterday. It was quite an ordeal. The actual interviews were fine, but due to miscommunication, I was left sitting in the lobby for about an hour. The person who set up the interview was gone to a dentist appointment and the interviewer did not know they were supposed to come to the lobby to get me.

So, after the receptionist called the head of the entire department and had her call the individual managers and I called Dustin to see if he could find anything out, we finally found which room I was supposed to be in, but not the interviewer. Finally, a little over an hour after I arrived, my first interview started, but it was cut to a half hour because we started so late. The second interview was still an hour, but I would’ve liked to talk to the first person for an hour as well. Thirty minutes is not a good length of time to really get a feel for the candidate. Oh well. I did get a couple interesting logic/creative thinking questions that I’ll share with you:

  1. You have three jars of jellybeans, one entirely grape, one entirely peanut butter, and one a mix of the two. You can’t see inside the jars. The jars are all mislabeled. How many jellybeans do you have to pull out to determine which jar is which?
  2. If a crazy guy approaches you on the street and says he’ll give you a million dollars to determine the height of the UT Tower using this barometer, how many different ways can you think of to find out the height?

From a different interview, a variation of the buckets of water question:

  1. You have a container of water and two ladles. One ladle is 18 ounces and the other is 8 ounces. Using only the two ladles, no additional containers allowed, how do you get exactly 4 ounces of water?

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