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With all the craziness of starting a new job, I haven’t been able to update much this week, so it’s all getting lumped into one big update. Going from having basically unlimited free time to only a few short hours after work has been quite an adjustment.

Work is going well and now I have a fairly good idea of what I’ll be doing once I get done with the training. Everyone on my team seems really nice, although everyone is fairly young. In fact, I’m not sure I’ve seen a single person with gray hair at NI except for Dr. T, the co-founder. It’s pretty crazy, almost like going to college again. It does make it easier to get to know people though because they are around your age and have the same interests.

We went and saw Red vs Blue season one at the Alamo Drafthouse on Friday night. It was pretty cool, before the show there were a few games of Halo played on the movie screen. Then after the show a couple of the guys that do the voice acting were there and did a Q&A. Overall, it was a good waste of the wee hours of Saturday morning, since the show didn’t start until 12:30 or so. Who needs sleep anyway?

The big news in anime is the third Inuyasha movie is out. It’s actually very good quality and it’s got a pretty good plot. Plus there is a LOT of Sesshoumaru in this film, so that never hurts. <fangirl raving> I mean damn, even his voice is hot! ;) </fangirl raving> Like the other two movies, I believe a different studio animated this film than the studio that does the TV episodes, since the movie has a slightly different look to it. On a separate but related note, the other two movies are supposed to be out in the US (selected cities in theaters) on DVD later this year. Two movies is about all I can afford from the Inuyasha series. Viz is trying to get rich off this series alone, I think. If you calculate it up at the official 3 episodes per $25 DVD it’s $1333. [160/3 * 25] And the series is not even finished yet. Yikes!

Happy Birthday to Me

Yes, this is an entirely self-serving post to let everyone know that today is my birthday. Although I’m older than I was, I’m still disinclined to believe the person from work who told me I was now considered “old.” It definitely has to be at least 25 before you are considered old. ;)

Work is going pretty well but I’m still in the “I have no frigging clue what I’m doing” stage and I’m just trying to get up to speed on everything. Everyone in my group seems really nice, though, and I think I’m going to be happy working there.