Apple + Anime = You Certainly Can’t Afford It

So we all know that Apple came out with a U2 version of the iPod. I’m sure all seven of the people that own one think they are really cool. Now, however, a truly limited “limited edition” iPod is coming out in Japan from Bandai. Somehow, Bandai got Apple to agree to make a Neon Genesis Evangelion edition iPod. They will start manufacturing the units once they receive 1000 orders but production will be limited to 2000 iPods total.

The 20 gig player will set you back 47,250 yen or about $450. There are some extras such as an enamel case and over the ear headphones plus the iPod and the accessories will all feature the “NERV” logo. If you have more money than brains and you want to get your hands one of these, Bandai plans to start taking orders midday on December 22.

Referrer Cleanup

Since I never look at the posts other than on the main page, I never really noticed all of the referrers building up and causing an eyesore. Once I did see it, I was aghast that no one had complained. I mean really, what are you people doing? Complaining is the only way to know true happiness! So, anyway, the referrers are gone, but trackbacks and pingbacks will still be displayed.

Just as an interesting side note, this search has to be my favorite referrer this week. Yes, that’s the actual search link that showed up in my referral log.

She’s Alive!

It may surprise you to learn that I am indeed still alive and have not fallen off the face of the planet, at least not yet. I’m been busy with life, work, and my newest addiction–writing fanfiction. Plus nothing much exciting has been happening and even the anime world is moving slowly this month. Samurai Champloo episode 18 will not be out until the middle of January (about the same time the first DVD is scheduled for release from Geneon/Pioneer). Samurai 7 is still plodding along and is now up to episode 17 from IY4Ever. Fullmetal Alchemist is on Cartoon Network on Saturday night and the DVDs will be released in early February. That’s pretty much it. I’ve downloaded a couple new shows but haven’t taken the time to sit down and watch them.

However, my legally purchased anime collection is growing by leaps and bounds. Finding was a very, very Bad Thing for me. Their weekly specials are updated every Thursday with several really good deals and who am I to pass up a good deal? So now I own all of Orphen and Outlaw Star and most of Saiyuki. Plus I just ordered the Fullmetal Alchemist starter set, His and Her Circumstances Box Set, the Samurai Champloo limited edition box + first DVD, and the Chrno Crusade box + first DVD. I highly recommend everything I’ve purchased but at this rate I’m going to have to buy another bookcase just for my anime collection. I just try not to think about how much of my money that bookcase is going to be holding. Ouch.