House Update

We’ve made considerable progress since my last post. The seller’s bank finally approved, after two and a half weeks of nervous waiting on our part. We had the inspection last Wednesday and the inspector did not find anything seriously wrong. There are a few items that we can add to the honey-do list, but nothing to prevent us from buying the house.

While we were having the inspection, we took the time to take lots of pictures. If you can’t figure out what the picture is, that probably means it’s something the inspector pointed out that we should fix. Since we took over one hundred photos, there is no way I’m going through and naming them all nicely, so you’ll just have to guess on a few.

Right now we are scheduled to close at 9:00 AM on May 27, or two weeks from today. After waiting so long for approval, the rest of the process seems to have flown by. We’re hoping that we actually stick to the closing date so that we have a three day weekend to work on the house. I think I’m going to take that Friday off, since I don’t think I’ll be much use at work after I just bought a house and have the keys. :)

EDIT: I think the gallery should be fixed now, no more double pictures. For some reason nGallery doesn’t like it when I try to bulk add all the pictures at once.

EDIT 2: Removed outdated photo link.

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  1. Congratulations on almost having a house! I was going to take the Friday of closing off for my house too, but even though I signed all the papers at 8am, the sellers couldn’t make it in until 5pm, so I couldn’t enter the house until then.

    Homeownership is great, but be prepare to have all your extra money sucked into damn thing every month.

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