Worst. Blogger. Ever.

Ok, I think it’s painfully obvious at this point that I’m just terrible about updating. However, rather than just giving up, I randomly try to redeem myself by posting intermittent updates. Today is no different. So lets see, my last post was in May… what’s been going on since May?

Well, I finally broke down and bought a Macbook. (Who am I kidding, I barely lasted a few days past the announcement). It has a few quirks (like the infamous moo), but overall it’s fabulous. I thought I’d miss the extra 2″ of screen, since I downsized from a 15″ Powerbook, but, as they say, size isn’t everything. ;) My favorite new features are the bright, glossy screen, the new trackpad with two-finger right click and two-finger scrolling, and the magsafe connector.

At the beginning of June we went up to Dallas for A-Kon, the huge three day anime convention. We had a great time. On Sunday we spent most of the day searching for treasure because Scrollquest had a free mini-hunt just for the con. Dustin and I spent several hours looking around Dealy plaza (the final resting place of the treasure), but we were apparently not observant enough. Luckily for our pride, no one found it and eventually the Scrollquest guys went out, picked it up, and did a random drawing of the people left. We had headed for home by then, so we missed out. The treasure was a little statuette worth $5k, so it was definitely worth all the effort, plus it’s kind of fun to figure out the clues and search for hidden treasure.

It’s hard to believe, but our one year wedding anniversary is next month. To celebrate, we’ve booked a cruise. We’re going to visit Jamaica, Grand Caymen, and Cozumel, Mexico. It’ll be our first trip to the Caribbean, so we’re super excited. So far we don’t have many plans, except Dustin wants to swim/snorkel with the stingrays while we’re in the Caymens. It seems to me that they are called STINGrays for a reason, but Dustin doesn’t see it as a problem.

Finally, NI is looking for an experienced IT Programmer/Analyst. Austin is a great place to live, and NI is a great company, so if you’re interested, drop me an email (jessie at jessiemihalik dot com) and/or send me your resume. However, if I don’t already know you… well your resume will have to be pretty damn good for me to pass it on, since I don’t want to look like an idiot for recommending someone incompetent. Anyone still looking to escape Rolla, now’s your chance.

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