The Doctors Horrible

Dustin and I dressed up for a NaNoWriMo midnight write-in as “The Doctors Horrible.”  Yes, we both dressed up as Dr. Horrible for Halloween.  I made the coats and we bought the rest at Harbor Freight.  We couldn’t find white rubber boots so we did without.

It turned out pretty good except that the vast majority of people we talked to during the day didn’t get the reference.   “Dr. Who?”  “No, Dr. Horrible.  Yes, it has Doogie Howser in it.  Yes, it’s funny, I promise.”

The write-in was at Dragon’s Lair, a local comic book/game store and I’m happy to report that the people there are much cooler (they recognized us).  These are my people.  :)

A pic:

The Doctors Horrible
The Doctors Horrible

You’ll notice that I’m missing the pocket.  I made it, I was just too lazy to sew it on last minute.

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