NaNo Novel Editing

The novel I’m currently struggling to edit is from my first year of NaNoWriMo.  I’ve found out the hard way that writing for NaNo and writing for possible publication are two completely different beasts, at least for me.

During NaNo, a 2,500 word scene in which my main character meets with a lawyer seemed like a good idea.  After all, that’s a day and half’s word count done in one scene.  It’s genius!  I’m a fantastic writer!  Book contract here I come!

Cue the harsh dose of reality.  That scene added almost nothing to the book.  I axed it and summed up the whole scene in two paragraphs.  Two short paragraphs.  And so it goes.

The first three chapters of my NaNo novel were just over 15,000 words.  The edited version turned into four chapters and just under 12,000 words.

That’s a 20% cut.  At this rate, my 50k novel ends up 40k.  It needs to end up 85k.

Hmm…maybe that scene wasn’t so bad after all…

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