Add Your Blog to Google Buzz

I’ve added the rel=”me” links back to my Google profile, which is supposed to link up my Google account and my blog, allowing me to add it to my connected sites in Google Buzz.  Unfortunately, it seems like I’ve either done it wrong or it just takes forever.  A quick search turned up another, easier way to do it.

The instructions are for a site, but it’s easy to setup a custom blog, too.  Log-in to the Google Webmaster Tools with the Google account you want associated with your blog and click Add a Site.  Then, you’ll get a link you need to add to the header of your blog.  If you’re using WordPress (not a blog), you can edit the header.php file of your theme to add the link.

Once the link it added, click verify in the Webmaster Tools interface and, assuming it works, you’re all set.  You can then go to Google Buzz and your blog will show up in the Connected Sites pop-up.  Voila!

2 Replies to “Add Your Blog to Google Buzz”

    1. I don’t think that’s a concern for me. :)

      I thought it would be nice to share my wisdom *cough*BS*cough* with friends, especially people who may not know my blog exists. Direct Buzz integration lets me do that without have to re-share all of my posts in Google Reader, which would get tedious for me and everyone else.

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