Two Chapters Down, Many More to Go

I finally finished the first two chapters of the book I’m working on.  Counting the time I wasn’t writing but should have been, the time I was procrastinating, the time I had writer’s block, and the time I have actually written, I believe it’s taken me about six months to write two chapters.  At this rate, I’ll finish the novel sometime in 2025.  Maybe.

The good news is that unlike NaNo, I’m editing as I go.  This means I have two fairly quality chapters.  I’m sure they’ll still change, but I’m pretty happy with them.  The novel is based on the short story I wrote for ArmadilloCon.  I received some positive feedback about it, and I really like the world I’m building.  Of course, I’d like it a whole lot more if the plot would fall nicely into place.

Here’s a little snippet from chapter two:

Ethan didn’t move.  I could move him, but that would very likely start a war, and I already had enough drama in my life.  Maybe just a little push.  Magic welled up inside me, drawn by my thoughts, eager to please.

“Fae!” Gabe barked at me.  He appeared behind Ethan.  I shrugged a shoulder at him and tried to look innocent.

“Ethan, are you going to stand there all night?” Gabe asked.

As sovereign, Ethan could deny me entrance.  As a witch, I could make him very sorry for that decision.  My smile was full of teeth.  Bring it.

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