Race Recap: See Jane Run 5k

The See Jane Run 5k was supposed to be my first 5k. It didn’t quite work that way.

A huge thunderstorm blew through early race morning, complete with heavy rain and lightning. Thirteen minutes before the half marathon was supposed to start, the race was cancelled. The 5k was also cancelled, even though it was an hour and a half before it was scheduled to start. There were no refunds and the race was not rescheduled.

We were told we could pick up our champagne glass and chocolate at a downtown hotel. The pickup was madness, as hundreds of women all converged on a bar attached to the hotel. It must have been all they could pull together at the last minute. We had champagne and chocolate to celebrate our non-race. It was kind of depressing, especially because the rain had stopped, and it had turned into a nice day.

Overall, See Jane Run can’t be held responsible for the weather. However, there were a few other issues, including a lost pallet of race stuff. That wasn’t their fault, but the way they handled it, encouraging people to contact a specific person at FedEx by listing both his phone number and email address, seemed kind of sheisty.

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  1. I thought telling people to call that guy at fedex was weird too! Especially this morning when I realized I didn’t have any contact info for the actual race organizers.

    1. Whitney and I are running the Rock ‘n’ Roll half marathon relay in San Antonio in November. So, unless another 5k comes up soon, that will be my next race.

      My “half” of the relay is five miles; Whitney’s is eight. I told her she got the sucker half. :)

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