PAX Prime 2014 – Day Three and Day Four

See my previous posts for day one and day two recaps.

Sunday morning my feet were killing me when I woke up. It was not a good way to start the day. However, rest is for the weak, so we bravely endured the Gearbox line. They are the studio behind the previously mentioned Borderlands. Their panel was a little odd, but it included a fantastic card trick by the CEO of Gearbox, Randy Pitchford. They gave out season passes for the Borderlands Pre-sequel, which was really nice of them.

At the Expo, we waited to try the Occulus Rift, the 3D headset. I was a skeptic (and still am, mostly) but I did play a pretty cool bullet dodging game where you could look around the “room” just by moving your head and dodge by leaning one way or another.

Sunday afternoon we attended the Patrick Rothfuss panel. It was awesome because we walked right in and didn’t have to wait in line. Mr. Rothfuss is always entertaining, and it was fun that he read his “not a children’s book” which we’d already read, and so we knew the ending.

We decided to skip the Sunday night concerts in lieu of an earlier night.

Sunday’s walking distance: 5.8 miles (13,264 steps)

Monday was the final day of PAX and when I decided we really should attempt to collect some of the Pinny Arcade pins that exhibitors were giving away. After watching the Penny Arcade Q&A with Mike and Jerry, we headed to the Expo to go pin hunting and play any games we’d missed previously.

Microsoft has a new game coming out called Age of Empires: Castle Siege. It is (sadly) not iOS compatible, but the demo was really fun. Though it will run on Windows, the rep did say that it will play best on a touchscreen/tablet. Boo! But they were giving away a cute pin, so yay.

Next we played Pillars of Eternity which is an old-school isometric RPG. We started with new characters, so I can’t say much about the gameplay since I wondered around in starting town for a while and only fought a couple of things. Looks fun, but it doesn’t include co-op, so it’s pretty much a no go for us.

At the Xbox booth we played Sunset Overdrive, one of their leading Xbox One titles for the holiday season. It was fun, if a little chaotic, but they made the excellent decision to have one of their employees on each eight-person team to answer questions and explain how to play. They also gave us a nice pin. Win!

All told, I came away with five pins, only one of which I purchased (proceeds went to charity, so I bypassed my “will not buy pins” rule).

And so it begins...
And so it begins…

Monday afternoon was the final round of the Omegathon, the video game elimination that ran all weekend. The players were required to get the highest score in Pacman, which was fun to watch, though quite short and not really worth the slog over to the main theater.

Monday evening is kind of hazy. I remember we went to dinner where I had fish and chips made with salmon. I’d never had fried salmon before. It was pretty good, as far as fish goes (I tolerate it).

Monday’s walking distance: 6.3 miles (15,687 steps)

Tuesday we got up and rode the train back to the airport. Can I take a minute to say how nice it is to be able to ride public transit to and from the airport? It. Is. Awesome. Plus, it only cost $5.50 for the two of us, which is infinitely cheaper than a cab or an airpot shuttle.

Overall, even with the crush of people, we had a really nice time. I was afraid that after going I’d regret buying PAX South tickets, but instead I’m excited for South. Though I will definitely be purchasing some sort of tiny, foldable stool to sit on while waiting in line. My feet will appreciate it.

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