PAX Prime 2014 – Day Two

See the previous post for a recap of day one.

Time waits for no woman, and so Saturday dawned early, if not particularly bright, complete with achy feet. Saturday was the only day it rained on us, which isn’t bad for a city known for its rain.

Our first stop was a signing with Mike and Jerry, the creators of Penny Arcade. Waiting outside to get in the Paramount wasn’t especially fun, but it wasn’t pouring, so we stayed mostly dry. The signing line was relatively short, and we got to sit down while we waited, so that was awesome.

Signing with Mike and Jerry
Signing with Mike and Jerry

After the signing, we saw that they were streaming the Halo panel from the main theater, so we sat and watched in the Paramount instead of walking all the way to the main theater. The new Master Chief collection looks pretty awesome.

We hit up the Expo for a while before our next panel. We played Gauntlet for a little bit because there wasn’t a line. It was fun because we had a full party (four players). I’m assuming they scale the difficulty based on the number of players, but we didn’t get to test out two-player co-op.

Our next session was Videogames in the Forgotten Realms. The big news was that Icewind Dale Enhanced Edition is coming soon, though they wouldn’t commit to a date. They also promised that the new update to Baulder’s Gate Enhanced Edition has worked out all of the multiplayer bugs. We’ll see if that holds true.

Saturday night we got in the biggest line ever. It was for the live D&D game with Jerry, Mike, and a few of their friends.

The line goes down the block and around the corner for another block
The line goes down the block and around the corner for another block

Benaroya Hall, the main theater, holds 2,500 people. The line was longer than that, though they were letting people know they might not get seats. We weren’t anywhere near the end of the line, yet we were in the middle of the upper, upper balcony.

Nosebleed section
Nosebleed section

For all that we nearly died in line (we were packed in like sardines and unable to sit or move for an hour plus), the D&D game was awesome. Patrick Rothfuss was an unannounced guest star. All of the players were hilarious.

Getting out was almost as bad as getting in, because they were giving away swag, including an awesome Pinny Arcade Tiamat dragon pin. I told myself I wasn’t going to get involved in pin trading, but it was so cool I gave myself some leeway. More on that in Day Four’s post.

Saturday’s walking distance: 5.3 miles (11,510 steps)

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