Month: September 2020

The Queen’s Triumph is Done!

Done as in written, not done as in stopped. :)

Last Friday, I finally wrote The End, after I started writing TQT last December. I appreciate your patience as I worked on getting Samara and Valentin to their happily ever after. It took far, far longer than I expected, but I’m happy with the result.

The “novella” clocked in at over 62k words, which is about 50% longer than the upper limit of novella (~40k for most definitions), and around 7k more than what I had planned. I’m sure you’re all terribly disappointed that you’ll have more book to read, lol.

Now it’s off to my lovely agent for review, then edits, then it’ll be up for sale. The weekly serial will continue as before. :)

The Queens Triumph Cover. Queen Samara in battle armor, looking at the viewer, holding a gun in front of a planet with rings.

If you’re enjoying the serial (or if the serial format doesn’t work for you) you can preorder the edited ebook, coming December 8!


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Print books will be available, but not until closer to/at release.

If you have beta read for me before, and want to read TQT early in return for providing feedback, drop me an email. One of you has already, and I promise I’m going to respond, just as soon as my brain starts working again. :)

Unfortunately, I’m not going to take new betas right now because I don’t have time to pick new people. My next book is due by the end of the year and I have to write like the wind.

So back to the writing cave with me. Stay safe, wear a mask, and register to vote!

The Queen’s Triumph: Chapter 2

Part of the serial story The Queen’s Triumph

The Queen's Triumph, a space opera serial. Image includes a futuristic spaceship in a gray hangar.

“Do you like it?” Valentin asked quietly from somewhere behind me.

It took two tries before I could swallow past the lump in my throat and force the words out. “What is this?”

I heard him shift. “It’s not perfect, but I tried to get it as close as I could remember. I know nothing will ever replace Invictia, and I’m so fucking sorry you lost your ship because of me. But I’m hoping that you’ll accept Ardia as a poor replacement.” He paused, then tacked on, “Surprise.”

That did surprise a half laugh, half sob out of me. I looked around the room with vision gone watery. It wasn’t an exact replica, but it was such a close match that Valentin must’ve personally specified every detail from memory—and he’d only been on my ship once.

In the soft sunset light still streaming in through the open door to the hall, it was incredibly, unimaginably perfect, and I wanted it more than I’d ever wanted almost anything.

But it was far, far too much.

This ship would easily buy four or five ships of Invictia’s caliber—and that was before you added whatever special stealth technology the ship had.

The door swished closed as Valentin moved farther into the room. He stopped in front of me, expression shuttered. He gently touched my damp cheek. “I apologize. I just thought…” He shook his head. “It doesn’t matter. You’re welcome to pick whatever ship you like, of course. It doesn’t have to be this one.”

“It’s perfect,” I admitted softly. “I love everything about it. But I can’t possibly acc—”

Valentin interrupted me. “If you don’t accept, then Ardia will sit, unused, in a berth somewhere. I already told you that I’m not replacing Korax, and I won’t sell Ardia. I had this ship trimmed out just for you, so you’d be doing me—and the ship—a favor by accepting.”

I arched an eyebrow, back on firmer ground and glad that he hadn’t made a big deal of my emotional breakdown. “Are you trying to guilt me into accepting a ship?”

He grinned at me. “Yes. Is it working?”