A Relaxing Weekend

I’m still desperately behind, but I decided that I needed to take a weekend off because I honestly can’t remember the last time I did nothing for a whole weekend. It’s been months, at least. I might have worked for a bit on Saturday morning, but I mostly relaxed this weekend.

On Saturday afternoon, Dustin and I dove back into Fallout76. We hadn’t played since December and they’ve made a fair number of changes since then. I was somewhat worried the influx of new players thanks to the Battle Royale mode they added would cause more griefing, but everyone we saw in-game was cool. And it was fun to see a lot of low-level players on the server.

The game is still a little on the buggy side, but it was a lot of fun to wander the wasteland. We prefer co-op games where we can be a team and play together. And Fallout76 is the right amount of “massively-multiplayer” for me. There are some events where a big group gets together to defeat a boss, but for the most part, Dustin and I chill out together with no one else around.

And you can build a camp.

I’ve spent soooo much time building my camp. I have a house and a farm, complete with a brahmin (a two-headed cow). I’ve named him Billy and I will be very sad if something comes along and tries to eat him, so I set up some machine gun turrets to protect him. :)

Unfortunately, I play on PC and write on Mac, and I always forget to take a screenshot and send it to myself. One of these days you’ll get to see epic Camp Jessie. :)

On Sunday, we saw the matinee performance of Hamilton. The show is doing a tour in Austin this month and I managed to snag tickets without having to resort to StubHub. In the mad scramble to find a date with availability, I wasn’t exactly sure where we’d end up, but it turns out we had awesome seats! I was right next to the balcony rail with a great view of the stage.

Picture of the Hamilton playbill in front of of our view of the stage.

Despite the fact that it was an afternoon show, we decided to dress up a little because we’re so casual that we rarely have a reason to wear our nice clothes. :) But we’re bad at getting pictures, so here’s a selfie. My dress is super cute, I promise! 😉

Dustin and I outside of Bass Concert Hall. I'm wearing a black dress and pearl necklace. Dustin is wearing a white and blue button up shirt.

The show was great! We really enjoyed it and the cast did an amazing job. If you get a chance to see it, I highly recommend it!

What about you? Did you do anything fun or relaxing this weekend?

2 Replies to “A Relaxing Weekend”

  1. So glad you liked Hamilton! I’m really looking forward to seeing it. Also, I love that you dressed up! That even makes it more special.

    Our weekend was less fun. Got sick, tried to install all French drain, and relandscape. Yours sounds signify l significantly better!

  2. Let’s hear it for nothing weekends! I am all for them. The game sounds fun and would love to see Camp Jessie- I am intrigued by the two headed cow.

    And squee! on Hamilton. I have seen it three times, twice on the first national tour and once on this one…I’m contemplating seeing it again in July for my birthday.

    When I saw it in April with my daughter we went in cosplay (we went as Jefferson and Hamilton, respectively). So when I read that you dressed up for it my first thought was “oh yes? Which character and which act?”

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