A Stardew Weekend

My husband and I bought Stardew Valley a year and a half ago because we thought multiplayer co-op was “coming soon.” It’s still not here completely, but we spent the weekend playing the co-op beta and it’s awesome. I finally see what all the buzz eighteen months ago was about. :)

If you haven’t heard of it, Stardew Valley is a Harvest Moon-esque game where you start with a run-down farm that you have to fix up by clearing the land, planting crops, and tending animals. And fishing. So much fishing.

Because we’re playing co-op, I took over animals and fishing while my husband deals with the plants. Every day I go pat my chickens on the head and they get happier and produce better eggs.

I have a lot of work to do on book two, but I needed to take a weekend off because I’ve worked through the last few. And there’s nothing more soothing that bringing order to chaos. Virtually, of course, because who wants to spend the weekend cleaning a real house? Not me! :)

We also saw Solo this weekend and really liked it. I love Donald Glover from his Community days, so any movie with him in it is a win in my book. (If you haven’t seen Community, go watch it right now. I’ll wait.)

Now vacation time is over and I need to make some serious words happen this week. And in other book news, I think everything is (finally) ready to go for The Queen’s Gambit, so hopefully the pre-order will go up this week. Fingers crossed!

Did you do anything fun for the holiday weekend?

4 thoughts on “A Stardew Weekend”

  1. Where I live the holiday weekend was May 19-21, and I spent that time putting in my garden.
    Last weekend I attended a neighbors funeral on Saturday, and relaxed and went fishing with my husband on Sunday. ?

  2. Fan in California

    We went to the local Scottish Festival. I’m anything but Scottish but something about the bagpipes and kilts just does it for me!! ;D

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