A Weekend of Zombies and Peopling

Yesterday, my bff invited me to an outdoor dance class to learn part of the iconic zombie dance from Michael Jackson’s Thriller for spooky season. In case you need a reminder, here it is (jump to about 8:28 if it doesn’t start there automatically):

Now, I am not a dancer. I’m not remotely a dancer. I have decent rhythm thanks to a lot of high school band, but I’ve got zero moves. That being said, I still like to occasionally throw myself into silliness, and I’m old enough to own that I’m terrible and I just don’t care.

So I ripped up an old t-shirt for that real zombie look and headed out to muddle my way through a dance routine.

It. Was. A. BLAST!

I remain absolutely terrible, but I got most of the moves in the right order, if not with the right amount of finesse. But I figure a zombie would lumber rather than shimmy, so I was just going for that truly authentic zombie experience. 😂

There’s a video, which will never, ever see the light of day because it’s hilarious, but here’s a photo of me in my five-minute zombie finery:

A photo of me in a ripped up t-shirt, pretending to be a zombie on a rooftop parking garage downtown with a tall blue glass building behind me.

After I finished being a zombie, Mr M and I had an outdoor cul-de-sac potluck where I had to remember how to make small talk. It was nice to meet all of the neighbors we haven’t had a chance to yet (mostly because I am a hermit at the best of times and the pandemic wasn’t exactly that), but I am now done with people for a while, lol. I forgot how draining socializing can be, even when it’s fun.

How about you? Did you do anything fun this weekend?

7 thoughts on “A Weekend of Zombies and Peopling”

  1. Sounds like fun. I went to Nashville, Indiana (yes, Indiana) where you can spend money and apparently pretend there is no pandemic happening at all. Four other ladies and I also took a mixology class at a distillery and lots of fun ensued.

  2. This past weekend was my husband’s delayed by one year 50th college reunion. We went to a football game (we lost 😢), a corps retreat, luncheon, and banquet. We hosted two dinners at our house and saw friends we had seen in 50 years. His college roommate and his wife stayed with us. It was a fun, inspiring, and exhausting weekend.

  3. I hermitized this weekend. In other words, I came home on Friday and did not leave the house again until returning to work Monday morning. I may have also been in pajamas most of the time. I did do laundry and read 3 books.

  4. Took a two day glass flameworking class with my 14 year old son. 2000 F propane torches and molten glass. Had a lot of fun, only burned myself once. Got more experience, made some nice pieces, and was blown away by the work my son did. He has taken several more classes than I have and I knew he was good, but his speed and fearlessness was just great to watch. And we have beautiful little glass sculptures to show for it!

  5. I attended my great nephew’s t-Ball game and then had a pumpkin painting and decorating session with my two great nephews, so much fun.

  6. That sounds amazing. Looking forward to when my son is old enough to do that stuff… he’s 8 right now so I’m just trying to enjoy these moments when he’s into potty humour and telling gross jokes. LoL! :)

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