Aurora Blazing Chapter One

TL;DR: The first chapter of Aurora Blazing. Happy reading! :)

This weekend was a busy one. We saw Endgame on Saturday and it was awesome. I highly recommend it. We’ll have to chat about it in a few weeks after everyone has a chance to see it, so DO NOT SPOILER IT.

If you drop spoilers in the comments, I’ll remove them and put you in moderation until you prove you can be trusted. I managed to see it spoiler-free and everyone should have that chance. If you want spoilers, I’m sure you can find them elsewhere. :)

Aurora Blazing Cover

I also made it through the first pass on my copyedits for Aurora Blazing this weekend. Yesterday was a marathon of over twenty chapters. My brain is mush.

If you mosey over to the book page, you’ll find the first chapter and preorder links. It comes out in October, and I would love for you to preorder it if you are able. Preorder numbers are super helpful!

It always surprises me just how many mistakes are in my manuscripts. I feel like I turn out fairly clean drafts, but there’s nothing like a copyeditor to take your ego down a peg or seventy.

Last night we watched Game of Thrones, and this season has decided to bring it. I can’t believe it’s going to be wrapped up in just three more episodes. I’m still waiting for the Red-Wedding-esque other shoe to drop. If anything, this show has taught me not to care for anyone too deeply, but I did cheer when [SPOILER] [SPOILERED]. :)

This week, I have edits for The Queen’s Advantage on deck. I also need to be adding words to book three at a high velocity. Once book three is done, I’m taking a month off to binge books, play video games, and lie on the sofa. Or so I tell myself. :)

12 Replies to “Aurora Blazing Chapter One”

  1. Loved the first snippet of Aurora Blazing.

    Do what you need to in order to keep your creative soul happy and inspired!
    I’ve preordered all that I can from you. :) I look forward to more preorder opportunities! ;)

  2. Bianca really is a fascinating woman and it’ll be really cool to see what kind of secrets she keeps. Looking forward to October when Aurora Blazing appears on my reader :)
    Thank you so much for posting this chapter and hopefully you’ll get to relax a little in between edits.

  3. Thank you for the first chapter of Aurora Blazing. And AHA! I was wondering at the end of PR how Bianca knew Loch has been taken. I had to re-read that scene several times once I remembered that PR is a different universe than QG and they didn’t all have mental comm links.

    I haven’t seen Avengers Endgame, but I’ve only seen 4 of the movies leading up to it so I think my chances of seeing it before hearing any spoilers are probably nil. Neither have I seen Game of Thrones. Apparently I’m just out of the loop.

  4. Remember how I said I wouldn’t preorder now because it’s kinda tight right now, being a student and all ? I just realised that I could preorder now and only pay it when it’s released 🎉🎉🎉
    OMG ! I should have checked sooner ! So I corrected my mistake and pre-ordered it 😚😚 I have time to get financially better 😂

    1. I really appreciate the thought, please don’t put a financial strain on yourself! I’m perfectly happy if you get it from the library or borrow it from a friend, so please don’t feel like you have to buy it, especially if things are tight. :)

      1. Haha, I’m french so buying it in a library is more complicated 😇 but don’t worry, I haven’t pais anything yet and I can definitely find 10€ to spare before October 😘
        Sorry, that wasn’t meant to make you uncomfortable 😬

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