Book Two is Done!!

To be clear, the first draft is done. It still needs edits and polishing. But the bulk of the work is done because I find edits far easier than blank page drafting. Behold the result of months of work:

Book Two Word Count: 105209

It came in around 10k more than I was expecting for the first draft, but I still have some wiggle room (book one is around 116k).

Now I’m going to go collapse and not think for the next twenty-four hours. At least.

9 Replies to “Book Two is Done!!”

    1. Right now, I believe book two is scheduled for late next year. It’s still subject to change, yada yada, but if everything goes according to plan, two books next year, with book three following in mid 2020!

      1. Maybe book two will be out in time to be Christmas gifts next year,,, I was hoping that for book one, but alas it’s going to be much too late.
        Congratulations on getting so much done.

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