Book Two Title Redux

The working title we decided on for PR book two has to change because it’s too similar to another Voyager book coming out next year. So it’s back to the drawing board.


I like for my titles to have a deeper meaning, even if I’m the only one who will get it. It’s one of the reasons naming things takes me eons.

The verboten title had that extra layer of meaning, so I bid it adieu with some regret. And now I can’t think of anything else I like as well. Partially that’s just my brain being stuck on what it can’t have, and I have some time, so I’m giving my subconscious a chance to mull it over.

I passed 20k words last week, and while I’d like to be closer to 30k (or, let’s be honest, 90k), I’m at least off to a solid start. This is also where doubts tend to assail me and I start thinking that the beginning is all wrong. However, there is no time for doubting. I must forge ever onward. If it really is wrong, I’ll fix it later.

In other news, we went and saw Avengers: Infinity War last night. I managed to go in completely spoiler-free and I was not prepared. I was so not prepared. Unfortunately, I can’t tell you anything that’s not spoilery, other than it was fantastic, go see it.

If you drop spoilers in the comments, I will take the banhammer to you. You’ve been warned. :)

I also read two historical romance books by Kelly Bowen this weekend. Check her out if you like historical romance. Her writing completely sucked me in. I read A Duke in the Night and Duke of My Heart (so many dukes!). As always, try a sample first, but I loved both books.

Did you do anything fun over the weekend?

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  1. My daughter saw it too and LOVED it! She told me to go see it but see them in order. lol (I have not kept up with my Heroes as I should have.)

    The movie sold out all showings here too. I hear people are mighty happy but unprepared for the movie.

  2. We are seeing it tonight. We’ve been watching a movie or two everyday for the last two weeks so we’d be prepared. It’s still hard to remember everything!

  3. I saw Infinity War too! I knew it would be good but I did not see how it could ever live up to the expectations that the last decade of Marvel movies had made it up to be and I was so so wrong! It was freaking fantastic! It lived up to all of the hype and even did better than many comic book cross overs since they have been setting it up so nicely with the other marvel movie. I left the theater very much in a state of shock and awe.

    I also got to play a session of D&D with my group of friend and it was great as well!

  4. I’ve managed to go in completely spoiler-free too! I actually managed to not see a single trailer, and went in with only a super super vague idea of what would happen (i.e. deaths, because people would not shut up about this). I did not regret at all giving it so much effort into avoiding things, IT WAS SO WORTH IT. Tbh I’m still processing that movie, and other than working I haven’t managed to do anything else XD.

  5. Okay, now that Title 2 is off and running, that means you can start writing TQG II, right?

    Our weekend started off well enough, finding a very nice rescue dog to adopt. Unfortunately, although assured she played well with other dogs, the other dogs did not play well with her. Probably could have sorted it out except the new dog (9 months and already 65 pounds) doesn’t do graduated response. It’s full out homicidal assault, which is a bit extreme for a Lab/Retreiver mix. Normal pack behavior us to growl and snap back, and ignore the small nuisance (dog). We spent the weekend separating the combatants, and finally had to sequester the dogs in separate rooms, alternating who got to use the back yard. We’ll be returning the new dog to the shelter tomorrow morning . Shame, since except for her extreme reactions to being nipped at, she’s a sweetheart and takes verbal commands well.

  6. I saw another author give a brief summary of the next book and asked for recommendations. Some replies were good, some were hilarious and the winning title was perfect.
    I don’t know if I could help, but maybe one of your other fans could.
    Just a suggestion.

  7. Heard it threw everyone off. My kiddo’s dad told me all the spoilers. He saw it and wasn’t sure how she would take all of it. So I discussed it with her and we’re going to try Saturday. Went over what happens to ever character lol. May leave if it’s too much. My 9 year old is very invested in these movies lol.

    Also good luck with the rename.

  8. Hmm… I participated in the 2018 City Nature Challenge ( we got to see and hear a red-cockaded woodpecker and see pitcher plants in bloom, also some very annoyed Rafinesque’s big-earned bats…woot woot). I also read Dan Brown’s “Origin”. Not bad, but I found it to be less riveting than his previous ones.

    currently I am struggling to find interesting reading while waiting on certain other authors to release something to satisfy my craving for good writing… eh hem.

    Grr on having to find a new title, but you can do it. You might even end up liking the new one better than the old!!!

  9. We spent our Saturday touring the Seattle area on the annual
    Independent Booksellers Day bookstore crawl. (It has an official name, but nobody ever uses it…) Anyone who could visit 19 designated bookstores that day, and get their official card stamped, would get a 25% off card good at all of those bookstores until next April. (There are also smaller prizes for smaller accomplishments.) My almost-30yo son came along, and it took us 14 hours, 2 ferry rides, and 175 miles of driving, but we made it!

  10. I spent the weekend with my daughter who lives 4 hours from me, so I don’t see her often enough!
    She was between semesters at school, and had just got a second dog. This pup is now my second grand ( fur ) baby, and I enjoyed watching them both.
    On the drive I read Burn Bright, by Patricia Briggs. And some Ilona Andrews hidden legacy series. Lol.

  11. Courage ! Sending hugs your way, you can do it !~~ :)
    I really want to see the new Avengers too but I can’t see it in o.v so I’m just gonna wait and be patient ?
    Thank you for the books, I’ll check it out ;)
    Have a nice w.e !

  12. Oh Jessie,
    I’m sorry to hear about having to rename the second book. I know you pour your soul into naming your books and characters -most of the names have a well thought out deeper meaning. Having someone else in your publishing house with a title too similar to yours is almost like having a cousin swipe your baby name. Once you work through the disappointment, I am certian your new title will be equally
    inspired… and equally anticipated ;)

    On another topic near and dear to my heart, how are the edits for TQG going? And do you have a projected publication date for us to anticipate?

    Warm regards, Regina

    1. The Queen’s Gambit edits are done! The MS is off to my agent for ebook formatting, etc. Still not 100% sure about pre-order dates, but it will definitely be out by mid July.

      1. Your TQG launch day is just in time for my birthday; I’m so happy for us both!

        [Insert high pitched fangirl squeeling]

        Are you going to do any “Author Reading Events” for TQG at local libraries or other venues ? And are you planning on doing any book signings / readings when PR launches? When do we get to see the book covers?

        This is so exciting!
        Congratulations Jessie!!

        1. I’m probably not doing anything in person for TQG, because it’s mostly an ebook. I will be at the RWA conference in Denver in July (and TQG should be out by then), so I might do a meet and greet if anyone is interested.

          As for PR, it kind of depends on what (if anything) my publisher has planned. If there’s any interest from locals, I might do a local signing and try to get something set up so people can order signed books from my local bookstore.

          The covers are still in progress. I haven’t seen either, yet, so no one is more excited than me for them to arrive. :)

          1. Thank you for the update Jessie.
            I can’t imagine your excitement levels right now with two book babies on the way! And more to come!! TTFN!

  13. Jessie,
    . That’s good news on TQG. Now about TQG II…!? Too bad about the rename issue. As for me, I spent this last weekend on my knees setting 500 grass plugs in a section of the back yard that hasn’t had grass on it in 15 years. Combination of tree shade and nothing but clay (which has about zero nutrients value. I have been searching for grass that can withstand bith the heat of our summers, and shade. I assure you, fesque is NOT the answer. The wife finally found dwarf Kentucky Bluegrass, which turns out to be what the NFL uses on a lot of their natural grass fields. Never gets more than about 8″ high, and as long as it’s watered, it doesn’t seem to care about low sun levels under trees. We’ve been running tests for the last two years, first a strip (it survived the entire length through shade and clay) then last year two patches where we’ve never been able to even keep fesque growing. Both came up this year looking great. The stuff soesn’t spread through seeds, but through the root systems. The first year you’ll be lucky to get two or three new shoots of the leaves coming up, while the plugs establish themselves. The second year each plug comes up with a thick, beautiful head of grass about 6-8″ in diameter.
    After that it slowly extends itself each year. I figure 2 more years and I’ll have replaced the rest of the missing topsoil and embedded all the necessary grass plugs. However, if a certain author was dropping snippets of TQG II I would not have had to spend the weekend on my knees muttering (prayers or imprecations, take your pick) while poking holes in the dirt and hoping my knees and hips would hold up! TQG II, please??

    1. As I’ve said before, TQG II will be in the fall, likely late fall at this point. I have to write the book I was paid to write before writing another freebie. :)

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