Busy, Busy

Copyedits for Polaris Rising are done and turned in! As part of the copyedits, I wrote the dedication and acknowledgements sections. That was fun and only mildly nerve-racking, especially because it came after the copyeditor looked everything over. If there are typos in those sections, you’ll know why. :)

The book-making machinery keeps inching forward. I wrote my author bio and now we’re brainstorming ideas for the title of book two so we can include an announcement in the back of PR.

Titles are hard for me and usually come at the very end, after the book is written. My Scrivener projects are saved as scifi, scifi2, and serial. That’s PR, PR2, and TQG. Authors who can title a story before they start writing are like wizards to me—amazing and possibly imaginary.

I also signed up for the RWA conference yesterday. I’m an introvert, so conferences tend to be exhausting and/or terrifying, but I am looking forward to meeting people and attending the workshops. As a new author, I’ll take all the advice I can get.

Now I must get back to making words happen on book two while I wait for title inspiration to strike, because clearly I am an artiste.

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  1. Congrats on finishing your copyedits!
    I feel for you as an introvert. I just went to C2E2 comic convention last weekend and I had a great time but it took me several days to recover from all the people and over stimulation.
    Good luck finding your perfect title! I’m sure it will be great :)

  2. Mega congrats on finishing the copyedits on PR! Between it and TQG, you are well on your way to collecting a bunch more fans! :-D

    I feel you completely regarding titles. I am a very, very poor dab at creating scintillating titles and teasers, whether it be for slideshows, mailers, or anything that requires such. Creative I am not! :’-(

    Introverts, unite! (Or, you know, symbolically gather supportively in cyberspace.) ;-)

  3. Good to hear from you — and good to hear you’re busy with the copyedits …… just means we are closer to being able to read the books!!!

  4. Oh no! I’ve found you on Ilona Andrews’ recommendation only to realise now that a) I really like your writing style b) I already finished TQG and c) I can’t buy any of your books because they are not out yet! argh! That will be a tough 8 months plus to wait!

    1. Welcome! I’m glad you enjoyed TQG! Final edits for it landed today, so the revised story should be up for sale before too long (fingers crossed). I basically rewrote the second half, so it’s kind of like a new story. :)

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