Capture the Sun ARC Giveaway!

I can hardly believe it, but we’re just about a month away from the release of Capture the Sun on June 20! It seemed like a few of you might be up for an event, so I’ll be doing a signing at BookPeople on June 25 at 7:00 PM. I’ll do a short talk about something—probably writing related, but who knows, it’s release week, after all—then there’ll be a Q&A, and I’ll sign/personalize books.

I might also read a scene or two, but with the way I get nervous about public speaking, it might sound like an audiobook set on 2x speed. 🙈

I hope I’ll see you there, but if you can’t make it, you can still order signed and personalized books from BookPeople!

As you probably know, Capture the Sun didn’t get printed ARCs this time due to costs. But my fabulous editor sent me four bound manuscripts to give away, so you know what that means: ARC GIVEAWAY TIME!

Want to read Capture the Sun before June 20? Enter to win one of four ARCs.

These aren’t the typical prerelease books because they were printed and bound in-house, but there are literally only five of them in the world (that I know about) and you get a chance to win one of four! They may not be quite as nice as a typical printed ARC, but they are super exclusive. Ooooh. :jazz hands:

Also, if you win, you’ll get to read the book early. :)

If you haven’t yet, now is an excellent time to get your preorders and library purchase requests in!

Capture the Sun Cover, featuring a man and woman in silhouette against a fiery orange sun with a futuristic city in the background.

Acclaimed author Jessie Mihalik returns with the thrilling conclusion to her Starlight’s Shadow trilogy. An intergalactic thief must join forces with the charming teleporter who stole her last job—and may now be her only hope for saving her former crew.

As a recovery specialist, Lexi Bowen’s jobs typically require more trickery and thievery than honest work. Her former captain might not approve of her flexible morals, but stealing artifacts for rich assholes pays the bills, and Lexi’s had enough of war and death. The FHP left her to die once; she doesn’t plan to give them a chance to finish the job.

Unfortunately, her latest contract takes her to Valovia itself—and right back into the orbit of Nilo Shoren, a Valovian teleporter who already cost her one payday and nearly stole her heart.

Armored against his clever charm, Lexi plans to get in, get the job done, and get out. But when her former crew goes missing in Valovian space, Lexi will have to work with Nilo to figure out what happened—and stop it—before the galaxy’s two superpowers can use the disappearance as an excuse to return to war.

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And now for the giveaway!

To enter to win an ARC, please read and follow the rules below. Incomplete entries will be ignored/deleted.

Edit: Entries closed and winners announced!

  1. The entry period starts now and ends on May 26, 2023 at noon Central Time. You must be eighteen or older. Open to US and international readers. Void were prohibited.
  2. Leave ONE top-level comment (i.e., not a reply to another comment) below and tell me something you’re looking forward to in the next few months (e.g., a new book or movie, a vacation, or the end of school)! And while I hope you’re all looking forward to CTS, please try to pick something else. :)
    1. Duplicate top-level comments will be deleted. You are welcome to reply to other comments, though, because those won’t count as entries.
    2. In order to make a top-level comment, scroll to the bottom of the page for the comment box, don’t use “Reply” on another comment or your comment will be a reply.
  3. Comments must be on the giveaway blog post on my site ( Comments on Facebook, Goodreads, etc. won’t count.
  4. Come back after May 26 and see if you’ve won! Four winners will be picked by random number and must actively claim their book. Instructions will be included in the winning post.

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225 thoughts on “Capture the Sun ARC Giveaway!”

  1. Hello! I’m so looking forward to June 21st because it’ll be my birthday and it means books and books!! 😁
    Thank you for this chance, I can’t wait to read Capture the Sun!

  2. I’m looking forward to my trip to New Zealand next month. It’s my first vacation since COVID and I’m very excited!

  3. Looking forward to starting my new job in June! I was laid off in December and I’m thrilled to have found a job that’s a good match. Hoping to take a trip to NYC this summer with my son to do museums + shows.

  4. Looking forward to vacation with my husband! It will be our one year anniversary! Also super excited for this book!

  5. I’m looking forward to July in particular because my toddler will be getting a little taste of preschool. It’s a summer camp at the school he will be going to in Sept. I’m hoping I can get in a lot of reading during those hours. Reading around children is so difficult especially with one that is always on the go!

  6. I’m looking forward to finishing my first year of medical school! I read the Consortium Rebellion series while I was getting my masters, and I paced myself SO well and it lasted both years. This time around I haven’t been as disciplined lol can’t wait to read Capture the Sun!

  7. Barbecuing. Where I live, the weather is still miserable (cold April showers have turned into cold May showers) so I’m looking forward to nice weather so I can grill, and enjoy my food on my deck with a glass of wine.

  8. I am looking forward to a summer of concerts including Ed Sheeran, Jason Mraz, and Counting Crows! 🎶🎵

  9. For my in-law’s 50th anniversary, we’re all going to Hawai’i next week! I’ve never been and it’ll also be near our 15th anniversary, work is stress, so I’m really, really looking forward to it!! First vacation in 3 years!

  10. I am looking fwd to your book of course, but also looking fwd to decluttering my clothing, I can already see some improvement, slow going but the end result will be magnificent, also looking fwd to time with family and friends over the summer

  11. I’m looking forward to the BARBIE movie! Every new teaser and trailer has made it look extremely meta and I cannot wait to see it.

  12. Looking forward to your book and many others! Looking forward to my son doing marchingband and going into highschool! Looking forward to a vcay to rockand roll hall of fame this summer

  13. I love Jessie’s storytelling and have been waiting for Capture the Sun so much that I am now listening to the first 2 books on audio to be ready!

  14. I have so many exciting things this summer! School is almost over for the year and as a teacher I am ready. I get to go ok a vacation with my family to South Dakota! I can’t wait for all that fun in the sun! Of course I will also be waiting for this fantastic book to release.

  15. I’m very excited for the release of Only Good Enemies by Jennifer Estep in June, as well a trip to Scotland in July!

    1. CORRECTION Only Good Enemies is releasing JULY 18th. My mind is apparently refusing to accept I have almost another two full months to go!

  16. I’m looking forward to have to baby out of my belly and into my arms come July. :) hoping I can keep my reading love going, though I might have to figure out audiobooks for a bit with full arms.

  17. I’m looking forward to trying the peep (yes the marshmallows) wine I’ve been making. It should be done fermenting about the same time as the book comes out!

  18. This summer, I am excited to see my brother after a year apart. He has been working at a school in the Canadian Arctic and will be enjoying a summer holiday “down south” with us. I am looking forward to hearing more about his adventures and having time to kick back, relax, and enjoy his company. He and I both talk a mile a minute, so there will be a non-stop stream of conversation punctuated by laughter!

  19. I should find out in the next two months (by July 1 and around mid-July, respectively) whether I’ve been admitted into a creative writing camp that wait-listed me last year and whether a certain university that rejected me as a degree-seeking undergraduate (almost exactly 30 years ago, lol) will admit me to their competitive writing certificate program. Maybe the second time(s) around will work out – maybe not. Either way, it’s a whole **thing** to put myself out there, so I’m looking forward to seeing what happens!

  20. I’m looking forward to my oldest spending the summer with my English teacher husband before he starts kindergarten next year (the kid, not the husband)! It’s going to be a crazy busy summer! 🤩🏖️

  21. Youngest college graduation, anniversary (36), new pool and annual camping vacay with family and friends where I will happily attack my TBR pile (Ilona Andrews & Jessie’s at the top). So excited!

  22. I’m looking forward to the school year being over and summer vacation to start! This teacher needs a break! 😂

  23. I cannot WAIT to get a new bathing suit to wear this summer! I’ve had a lot of body changes over the last year and it’s going to be so exciting to find a new suit. 👙🩱🏊🏻‍♀️

  24. I’m a middle school teacher, so I am looking forward to the start of summer! Then I can catch up on reading and spend time with people who are older than my typical 11-13 year old crowd during the school year.

    1. Hi,
      I’m super excited to be starting my masters program in July, and so I’m studying my ass off for the next couple of months to prepare. Until then, I’m hanging and looking forward to reading several books including CTS but also Magic Claims, the new Forthright releases and the two new magical comedy with body count releases.

  25. Obviously looking forward to this book, but I’m also looking forward to visiting my dad for his 80th birthday on May 29th! He’s a big fan of your books too! He borrowed Hunt the Stars from me and didn’t want to give it back. :-D

  26. Looking forward to a short vacation, nicer weather so I can enjoy outside again, and time for reading all the cool books coming my way.

  27. The football Women’s World Cup is being held in Australia/NZ from mid July mid-August and I’ve got tickets – first game in Sydney, England v Denmark, and for the finals. Sydney going to go off 🎆.
    Thanks for the ompetition.

  28. I’m looking forward to summer and the trails drying up so I can get out on them with my horse. I’m also getting married in august so I guess that’s exciting too!

  29. i’m looking forward to my upcoming trip to go stay with dear friends in amsterdam for two weeks. my longest trip away since the Before Times! think my cats will be ok without me??

  30. Looking forward to visiting my extended family for a week in July and eating all the tasty food in their cities (Minneapolis/St. Paul and Madison)!

  31. Hello! I’m from North Dakota. We had our last blizzard the end of April and up until a couple of weeks ago, we still had piles of snow around town. I am very much looking forward to planting my flowers and garden. I am also looking forward to my birthday, which is on Sunday.

  32. I’m looking forward to Soulplay, a festival in June where there are fellow bodyworkers, and everyone is kind. It makes me have more faith in my community, and in people.

  33. July is my birthday month and I like to celebrate alllllllll month long! And my niece is getting married so we will get to see lots of family too!

  34. Looking forward to August, will be visiting NYC to see P!nk in concert (one of my all-time fav singers). After that, off to Eastern Europe for a few days :)

  35. I’m looking forward to celebrate my birthday with all the family and friends with a huge barbecue in the garden. I’m turning 50 and I want to have all my loved ones with me.
    And to see those who can’t make it on the date during the summer.

  36. My son got married in February. In June, we get to introduce his new bride to both of his grandmothers who were unable to travel to the wedding.

  37. I am an American who is married and lives in Europe. We are planning a big trip to USA this summer to visit family—our first since the pandemic began!!! I cannot wait!!!

  38. After a dismal spring here in the UK the sun is finally shining and I am looking forward to pottering in the garden and making the most of the warmth for however long it lasts!

  39. I’m looking forward to exploring more of the outdoors here in the PNW – moved here from Phoenix, the land of heat & dirt. All the greenery is giving me life 😍

  40. I’m looking forward to my birthday week off of work! Sleeping in to 9am, junk food, video games, anime marathons, book re-reads and anything else that will ruin my sleep schedule. Can’t wait till July🥳

  41. I’m looking forward to the end of the school year! It was my first year teaching 3rd grade and as much as I loved it, I’m ready to sleep in and rest up for next year! Hoping for a beautiful summer ☀️

  42. In August my husband and I are flying to Amsterdam and cruising to Iceland, Scotland and Ireland! Can’t wait!!

  43. I’m excited to get back out in my garden. We have a VERY short growing season where I live. I make sure to grow the most beautiful flowers so that I can sit outside with a good book (cough* Capture the Sun *cough) and enjoy a few months of warmth and beauty. 🌸

  44. I’m looking forward summer concerts, in particular Summerfest this year! Love being able to see so many live acts all in one place while enjoying the sunshine :)

  45. I am very much looking forward to the end of June, when I can go and watch Indiana Jones And The Dial Of Destiny!

  46. I am really looking forward to staring my new job in just over a month! New chapter of my life is about to start and I can’t wait :)

  47. I’m looking forward to summer. In the beginning of summer just before holidays I will be done with the mandatory part of my studies. Looking forward to some relaxation from work and school. Then I will hopefully get my hands on some new books to read. Beginning of July we are finally getting our puppy 🐶 Many things to look forward to!

  48. I got a promotion (that came with a raise!) a couple weeks ago, so I’m excited to start bulking my savings account to one day buy a forever home!! *happy tears*

  49. After a very long, hard year, I have the month of June completely free! So very much looking forward to that. Also a new season of Strange New Worlds on June 15 and some great preorders coming in June and July.

  50. Looking forward to an upcoming beer fest, beach time with the family and my nephew’s 3rd birthday over the summer. Also hoping to get time to complete some reading or a video game after work.

  51. I would love an ARC as I’ve come to love the characters in this series. I’m looking forward to starting off my summer with next weekend’s cat show. I’ll get to see friends I don’t see as much any more, plus their owners. Lol

  52. So excited for the release!! I’m looking forward to June as a big book month between this and Ilona Andrews, and then visiting my grandparents in China in September for the first time since 2019 due to COVID.

  53. I am going to France for my inlaws birthdays. Both my husband’s mother and father will be 80 this year. I am happy we are going to see them. We live far away from each othet, so we don’t get see each other much.
    Hage a great day to all from Canada!

  54. My younger sister is getting married in June. I will get to see some family members in person for the first time in 8 years, and I am so very excited!

  55. I’m looking forward to my new knitting project! I just got the yarn to make a very colorful (teals/purples on a black background) hexagonal tiling blanket. It has 6 different patterns, and I’m looking forward to seeing how the different color combinations work out, and how the blanket grows.

  56. Looking forward to June 10th – I’m going for a week in London! That will be so fun – Theatre, opera, markets, cafes, good food, meeting with friends. I’m so excited!!!

  57. This summer brings several book releases in series I am in the middle of – always something to eagerly anticipate…. Plus green, growing things (instead of snow) and being able to sit outside with friends and family! Thank you for the opportunity to possibly get to read one of my anticipated series early. 😁

  58. In the next few months, I have two nephews turning 2, less than three weeks apart. One of my cousins is expecting and I’m looking forward to the gender reveal and healthy birth and delivery. And besides reading some amazing books, I’m hoping to attend some book signings in particular Steamy LitCon and RARE in Florence, Italy.

  59. I’m looking forward to watching my daughter graduate from High School next week, then sending her off to college in the fall. It’s still up in the air at which event I will cry more…

  60. My oldest son is coming home from being in France for the school year. He just turned 15 and has been so brave, learned a ton, and grew a foot. I am so excited to have him back home so I can give him hugs and tease him about all the things that make him say « MOM » all frustrated like.

  61. I am looking forward to seeing friends from far off places this summer, and getting a chance to hang out, relax and catch up!

  62. I am looking forward to receiving my new bike which I’ve ordered weeks ago – and hopefully some not-rainy weather to try it out and attempt some longer cycling tours.
    Also june is new book season 🤗

  63. I’m looking forward to taking TWO ceramics classes this summer! It’s going to be awesome – I’ve already warned my family that I’ll be pretty distracted for a few weeks… And, of course, there are a couple of new books coming out in June that I’ve been anticipating with glee.

  64. I’m looking forward to July. My cousins are coming to this coast for the first time since 2019. We will be celebrating my 40th birthday.

  65. I am very excited for this summer! So many book releases and great weather. I’m looking forward to reading a ton on the beach 🏖️

  66. I’m looking forward to getting back to normal life. Which sounds trite. My father in law had a long and painful battle with cancer that required a lot of home care and assistance and just passed away 2 weeks ago. We had both the military and private service this past weekend. So I’m looking forward to everyone being able to move on and be thankful that he’s no longer in pain.

  67. I’m super excited to be seeing my family and Taylor Swift at the beginning of June as a take a vacation from grad school research!

  68. I am looking forward to eating my summer tomatoes and the rest of the summer veg, especially corn. Of course, I have to plant my tomato plants and wait for the farmer’s markets to start up. But, its soon. I can taste it now…..

  69. I’m excited for a in-person work conference in June (okay maybe not the actual meeting part) since I haven’t seen colleagues for so long and then get to visit friends in the area once work is done!

    Also, my library ordered 3 print copies, 1 ebook, and 1 audiobook of Capture the Sun before I had to put in any requests! Guess all my requests for the first 2 books in the series paid off.

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