Capture the Sun Discussion / Spoiler Thread

If you’ve already read Capture the Sun, then you’re in the right place if you want to talk about it or ask me questions. If you haven’t, go get yourself a copy then come back, because spoilers ARE ALLOWED in this thread.

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If you keep scrolling, you will see spoilers.

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Last chance.

Okay, if you’re still here, then discuss away!

27 thoughts on “Capture the Sun Discussion / Spoiler Thread”

  1. thanks for the book!

    I actually liked that it wasn’t ‘simple’ or ‘easy’ to be with each other and they had things to work on as a couple/partnership.

    I feel like Lexi’s panic and terror stemmed from something concrete in the war. it almost seemed like a topic of conversation that Lexi/Nilo would have at some point, but then never did. can we get more on that thread?

    also didn’t expect Anja to go for Liang! plot twist! I thought the 4some was happy but it was written well. now we need two short stories; one for Eli and one for Anja haha

    1. Lexi had a very traumatic experience during the war. She may talk to Nilo about it at some point, but he’s smart enough to pick up a lot of what happened from context, so he doesn’t need to push for answers.

      Basically, a Valoff got in her head, and she very nearly hurt her squad because of it. It makes her very hesitant to voluntarily let anyone else in, as you see in the book. :)

  2. Thank you. Really enjoyed it. Did a reread of the end of previous book so I was back in the right head space to start. Was glad I did as it follows straight on from 2nd book. Great story. Love that we see pretty much everyone settled. Possible future stories open for prince and Anja. But key plots finished. Appreciated that given you’ve completed this series. Thanks again for a great book.

    1. I tried to wrap up all the loose ends, while leaving just a little opening in case I got the chance to write another book, so I’m glad I apparently got the balance right! :)

  3. So I question I’ve had since book two and that I thought would come up in CtS but didn’t is Chiras ability. Is it going to be brought up in the short story? Also is that still potentially in play or has it been definitively shelved?

    1. I’ve started on a short story/novelette/novella (I’m not sure on length!) for her and Eli and Havil, and it does get into her ability—and why it hasn’t come up yet. 😏

      I’m hoping to still get it finished, but I got stuck and set it aside in favor of the fantasy romance. So definitely in play, but I’m not sure on timing!

    2. Chloe – ah yes, good question!

      this reminds me that I also wanted to know a bit more about Tavi’s aura power and if it’s actually more beneficial when she can train with actual Valoffs. also who was the Valoff that could sense her looking at them? I assume it was Varro. but it could just as easily be Havil since it also causes her pain.

      1. It could be beneficial if she trained more, but Valoffs’ abilities don’t work quite the same as hers, either, so it would be more trial and error type of work. And Torran is unlikely to want to cause her pain. :)

        And if you mean when they first meet, it was Havil who looked at her. He sensed her pain, but not exactly what she was doing to cause it.

  4. No questions! I just wanted to say that I had been looking forward to Capture the Sun for ages and wasn’t disappointed. Thanks very much.
    And if there did happen to be follow-up stories that would be A Good Thing :)

  5. Really enjoying the books! I am a little confused about the empress- was she being mis-informed/betrayed by by her underlings, or is she kinda evil? Or both? I am now really hoping for a Liang/Anja book to find out more! But Chita/Havil/Eli would be good too.

    1. Empress Nepru is more ruthless than evil, though the two share a lot of similarities. She was being misinformed to a certain extent, but perhaps not as far as she made it sound once she had a convenient scapegoat.

      I’d planned to make Liang/Anja the next book in the series if my publisher wanted more, but alas, I’m not sure they do.

        1. I’m not sure what you mean by sold out. If you’re asking if they’ve earned out the advance, then HTS came close enough to earn a bonus advance, but ETM hasn’t earned out yet (as of the end of last year), and I won’t know much about CTS until next April.

      1. Loved the books but was a little confused at the abrupt sad ending for Anja, came here to see if there was a sequel in the works or if Anja was just based on a real person who made you angry 😉. Is there something in the works for her, or are you ending it there?

        1. As I said above, Liang/Anja were meant to be the couple in the next book, but I’m not sure if it’s going to happen at this point. Even if I don’t write it, you can safely assume they got their HEA. :)

  6. I really enjoyed this series. I would definitely buy more novels or novellas with these characters in this universe. Thanks for a great story.

  7. On my second round through the book, withholding my questions for now, but I had to post my favorite lines so far: “Maybe he’d be a terrible kisser, and all the desire I felt for him would die a swift death. I practically needed to find out, for science.”

    Totally! FOR SCIENCE! 😂

  8. I held off starting the book until I could fully focus on it… and you nailed it! I did not re-read the previous books before starting, but jumped right in, and even though I didn’t remember everything from the previous books, it was easy to follow. I’ll be re-reading the series, but first… I have to finish me re-read the Consortium Rebellion.

    Jesse, you do such a good job of keeping the balance between the action and the thoughts and intentions of the characters. There is just enough explaining of backstory without getting repetitive or boring. I love reading your books. More than once, I’ve thought you might not be able to continue to interest me, and each time you’ve proven me wrong – right in the first chapter. (I don’t know if I don’t like the book jacket descriptions, or I’m just a pessimist because I’m afraid that writers of good books can’t repeat their successes.)

    Thank you for keeping me entertained for so many books. I’m so glad I found you when you first published, and have put you on my ‘auto-buy’ list.

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