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Hunt the Stars is a Goodreads Choice Finalist!

HUNT THE STARS is a Goodreads Choice  2022 nominee for Best Science Fiction!

Thank you so much to everyone who voted in the first round! As far as I remember (which, admittedly, isn’t far), this is the first time I’ve had a book listed at all, and to be in the final round with SF titans like Muir, Scalzi, Corey, and the others is truly an honor.

If you feel like voting for Hunt the Stars, you can do that over on Goodreads site from now until Dec 4. If you voted last time (thank you!) you can vote again because this is a new round.

My chances of winning are approximately zero, but extra publicity is always welcome, and maybe a new reader or two will find my books while going to vote for someone else. 😂

In other news, the weather here is doing its typical Texas thing. Yesterday was 82°F and completely lovely. We opened all of the windows in what is probably the last hurrah before we have to shut everything up for cedar allergy season, because cedar pollen is already starting to show up on the allergy reports. Bleh.

Then the temperature dropped into the thirties overnight and the high is in the fifties today. Plus the wind howled ALL. NIGHT. LONG. Go home, weather, you’re drunk.

Actually, come back with yesterday’s weather. After a scorching summer and a cool/gray last couple of weeks, yesterday was perfect.

But today is a good day for soup, and I have a bunch of extra potatoes from Thanksgiving, so potato soup it is! Mmm, soup. And even better, it’s not Thanksgiving leftovers. I’m Thanksgiving’ed out.

Until next year. 😂

Capture the Sun Release Date Update

If you’ve already preordered Capture the Sun, then you might’ve gotten an email (or two!) from your retailer telling you that the release date changed. Nobody panic, but the date did get pushed back slightly due to issues with the printer.

The good news is that it wasn’t pushed all the way to mid-July, which was the first change. The bad news is that it was pushed from May 9 to June 20.

Cue the wailing and gnashing of teeth. I’ll wait.

I absolutely hate to be the bearer of bad news, but the printer literally isn’t able to bind the book until the end of May, so you can see where an early May release date might have been a bit of a problem. :(

You’ll have to wait just a little bit longer, but I hope it’ll all be worth it in the end. 💕

And if you have preordered already, maybe just double-check that it wasn’t canceled? I think retailers keep the orders active when the date changes, but I’ve heard some horror stories, too, so if you get a chance, maybe just pop over and check. I’ll put the links below so it’s hopefully super easy. Thank you!!!

Preorder now!
Amazon | Barnes & Noble | Apple Books | Google Play | Kobo | IndieBound

Signed Copies of Eclipse the Moon and Backlist Books!

Pre-order Now! ECLIPSE THE MOON coming July 12, signed and personalized from BookPeople! Signed and personalized backlist available!

I am THISCLOSE to finishing book three, thus the prolonged radio silence, but I wanted to pop up and let you know that the preorder page for signed copies of Eclipse the Moon is now up at my local independent bookstore, BookPeople. READ ON FOR INSTRUCTIONS, lol. :)

This time, you can also order my backlist books and have them signed at the same time, if that’s something you’re interested in. 🎉 There are hardly any signed copies of my Rogue Queen books out in the world, but if you would like to change that, you can, because BookPeople is carrying my indie books, too!

You’ll notice the ETM preorder page only has ETM on it, but if you add my other books to your cart in the same order, I’ll sign them all. Please put SIGNED in the comments box at a checkout, along with whatever personalization you want (e.g., “Sign to Jessie” or “Sign to Luna, my favorite pet”), and BookPeople should take care of the rest. Even if the backlist books are in stock, they won’t ship until July 12ish when I come in to sign the whole stack. If you have questions, you can always call the store because they’re super helpful!

The first fifty-ish orders of Eclipse at BookPeople will come with a bookmark and stickers! The bookmark is the same one I included with HTS preorders, but the stickers are new. :)

For ease of ordering, because I love you all, here are direct links to all my books:

Hunt the Stars | Eclipse the Moon
Polaris Rising | Aurora Blazing | Chaos Reigning
The Queen’s Gambit | The Queen’s Advantage | The Queen’s Triumph

If you’re planning to buy backlist books, you may want to go ahead and order now in case they need to order in any new stock. Right now, it looks like AB is out of stock with a 7-10 day lead time time, but the stock level may change as people put their orders in.

Now I’m returning to the writing cave to knock out the end of this book. Some people still need to get their just desserts. 😈

Edit: Don’t forget, the first chapter of Eclipse the Moon is available over on the book page. Happy reading!

TLA Signing on Tuesday, April 26

If you’re attending the TLA conference next week, come see me on Tuesday, April 26 from 2-3PM in the HarperCollins booth (#2224) where I’ll be signing copies of Hunt the Stars and galleys of Eclipse the Moon! 😍 It’s my first public signing since the pandemic began, so I’ll have to remember how to people.

Just kidding, I never knew how to people in the first place, but I’ll do my best to fake it. ;)

I’m super excited to see librarians and bookish folks again, so if you have time, come say hello! And I’ll be in town the night before so if anyone wants to grab drinks or something, lmk. I’m staying in the Omni, and I’ll probably haunt the hotel bar for a while, so if you see me, please feel free to come say hi.

Now I have to see if I still own any clothes that aren’t loungewear. 😂

Virtual Author Talk with St. Mary’s County Library

Virtual Author Talk with Jessie Mihalik

Next week, on Wednesday, March 9 at 6PM CST, I’m doing a virtual talk with St. Mary’s County Library about writing, the Consortium Rebellion books, and Hunt the Stars! It’s a Zoom webinar, so you’ll need to register (it’s free!) and spaces are limited. If you’re not a St. Mary’s County Library patron, just leave the library card number part blank on your registration and it’ll go through. :)

We’ll talk about a range of things, then there will be time at the end for a Q&A, so bring your burning questions. I’m writing the third Starlight’s Shadow book right now, so maybe I’ll let some highly classified information slip about who the main couple is going to be. ;)

I hope to see you there!