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If you’ve been waiting to order Capture the Sun until the signed preorder campaign went up, then I have good news! Today, BookPeople added the signed preorder page to their site! Not only can you order a signed and personalized copy of Capture the Sun, but you can also add any of my backlist books (in the same order), and I’ll sign/personalize them all!

Plus, the first fifty-ish orders of CTS will come with a bookmark and stickers!

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Happy Friday, y’all! 💕

Books & Broadswords: Epilogue

Part of the serial story Books & Broadswords

Books & Broadswords, Epilogue, on a purple background of dragon scales, with a crest of swords crossed behind an open book.

We’ve made it to the end! Thank you all so much for hanging out with me for the last few weeks as Feora and Ansel’s story unfolded. It was a delight reading all of your comments!

Thanks to my baby bro for the idea and for telling me it was “fucking awesome!!!!” when you read it. More authors need a cheerleader like you! 💕

I paced out my anxiety on top of the castle’s keep. I did not need to look at the calendar to know the importance of today’s date. It had been one year, six months, and ten days since I’d first met Ansel, and exactly one year since I’d offered to make him my mate.

Time might pass differently for dragons, but that didn’t mean we couldn’t track it precisely when the mood suited us.

Ansel had often pestered me in the early days to mate him immediately, but he hadn’t mentioned it in months, and I secretly wondered if he’d changed his mind. I was bracing for rejection even as I hoped for acceptance.

The last year had been one of the happiest in my long life.

Our store was flourishing, and if the townsfolk had any suspicions about my true nature, they kept them to themselves, especially since the crime rate had dropped dramatically since I’d arrived.

Ansel’s family was delightful, and they welcomed me with open arms.

I still stole the king’s gold with clockwork regularity, but since Ansel bought me as many books as I could ever want, I melted the royal marks and recast them into dragon coins that I gave to those who needed the help.

Books & Broadswords: Chapter 9

Part of the serial story Books & Broadswords

Books & Broadswords, Chapter 9, on a purple background of dragon scales, with a crest of swords crossed behind an open book.

This is the final chapter, but there’s still an epilogue left! 💕

The store looked like it had been pulled directly from my imagination. A roaring fire kept the room toasty, and comfortable chairs were scattered around the walls. Half of the space was filled with rows of bookshelves laden with books, including many foreign volumes I’d never been able to get my hands on.

My fingers itched. I hadn’t brought any gold, since I hadn’t expected to be shopping today, so I made note of the books I wanted most. The list grew so large that it became easier to keep track of the books I already had.

Ansel watched me without comment.

It was fully dark by the time I ventured into the other half of the store. It was filled with weapons and armor of the highest caliber. I lifted a perfectly balanced short sword and smiled at the delicate craftsmanship. I would add this to my purchase, too.

Ansel’s broadsword hung behind the counter, along with his chainmail. I frowned, and he spoke for the first time in hours. “I gave up my knighthood.”


He waved an arm at the room. “I decided to start dragon hunting on my own. But I was beginning to think I’d have to take up banditry before you’d notice me.”

Books & Broadswords: Chapter 8

Part of the serial story Books & Broadswords

Books & Broadswords, Chapter 8, on a purple background of dragon scales, with a crest of swords crossed behind an open book.

Six months later…

The weather was cold and gray, and if not for persistent rumors of bandits along this road, I would’ve been tucked into my cozy castle with a book and a roaring fire. I’d still be miserable, but at least I’d be warm and miserable.

This was my second attempt to flush the bandits out, but I’d yet to see any sign of them. Either they were smarter than usual or they’d moved on, and the rumors hadn’t caught up.

By the time the next town came into view, I was frozen and surly. The smart choice would’ve been to return to my castle, but for the past six months my home had been unbearably lonely.

The knight hadn’t found me—and hadn’t even looked, as far as I could tell. A month after I’d let him go, I’d started lingering in towns across the area, hoping for even a hint of rumor about a knight searching for a dragon, but there hadn’t been a single whisper. It was just as I’d expected. My heart ached, but I’d gotten used to ignoring it.

I trudged toward the nearest tavern. I would warm up with a hot meal and listen for any new bandit rumors, then I would return home and brood in peace.

I was so busy ignoring everything that I nearly missed the sign. Even after it registered, I blinked twice, sure I was hallucinating.

Books & Broadswords: Chapter 7

Part of the serial story Books & Broadswords

Books & Broadswords, Chapter 7, on a purple background of dragon scales, with a crest of swords crossed behind an open book.

Ansel was waiting for me in the courtyard, Percy at his side. The knight’s jaw was clenched, and his expression blazed with stubborn determination.

“I’ll find you,” he declared. “No matter how long it takes.”

“People have been looking for me for hundreds of years. None have succeeded.”

“They weren’t me,” he said with the boundless arrogance I usually associated with knights. Finally, he was starting to act his part, but it was too late.

I’d already fallen.

“They weren’t you,” I agreed softly. “But in a few weeks, this will seem like nothing more than a strange dream.”

His eyes narrowed. “We shall see.”