Chaos Reigning ARC Giveaway!

ARC Flash Giveaway. Enter to win one of three ARCs! Three days only!

Most of my Chaos Reigning ARCs are trapped in the HarperCollins building while all of the employees are working from home. But my lovely editor arranged for a few extras they had on hand to be shipped to me so that I can give them away to you all!

Because it’s so close to release, this is going to be a much shorter giveaway than usual—just three days—and even then you probably won’t receive the book before release. Hopefully the wait will be worth it. :)

See below for details on how to enter, but first, may I tempt you with some delicious preorder bonuses?

Print Preorder Bonus! A picture of the four different bookplate designs as well as the button and bookmark. While supplies last, at participating bookstores.

If you want to support an independent bookstore and get some additional swag, including a bookmark, badass space princess button, and bookplate signed by yours truly, then you can preorder a print copy of CR from The Ripped Bodice, Love’s Sweet Arrow, or Mysterious Galaxy, while supplies last. Last I heard (see below for updates!), they each had about 15-20 preorders remaining, but you can probably contact them if you want to be really sure you’ll get the bonus items.

UPDATE 5/12 4:36PM: The Ripped Bodice is down to less than five, so get your orders in fast!

UPDATE 5/13 3:08PM: Mysterious Galaxy has also agreed to include preorder swag! They have 15-20 preorders remaining!

If you prefer to buy the ebook or the print book elsewhere, I’ve got you, too. I’ll send you a bookmark and sticker, and international readers are included, as long as USPS delivers first class mail to your country. More details later this week!

The Ripped Bodice | Love’s Sweet Arrow | Mysterious Galaxy
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CHAOS REIGNING cover. A woman with dark, curly hair, in a long leather coat, facing left and holding a blaster. The background is an alien landscape with a planet and two moons in the sky and everything is shaded green-blue.

Interplanetary intrigue and romance combine in this electrifying finale to the Consortium Rebellion trilogy.

As the youngest member of her High House, Catarina von Hasenberg is used to being underestimated, but her youth and flighty, bubbly personality mask a clever mind and stubborn determination. Her enemies, blind to her true strength, do not suspect that Cat is a spy—which makes her the perfect candidate to go undercover at a rival House’s summer retreat to gather intelligence on their recent treachery.

Cat’s overprotective older sister reluctantly agrees, but on one condition: Cat cannot go alone. Alexander Sterling, a quiet, gorgeous bodyguard, will accompany her, posing as her lover. After Cat tries, and fails, to ditch Alex, she grudgingly agrees, confident in her ability to manage him. After all, she’s never found a person she can’t manipulate.

But Alex proves more difficult—and more desirable—than Cat anticipated. When she’s attacked and nearly killed, she and Alex are forced to work together to figure out how deep the treason goes. With rumors of widespread assaults on Serenity raging, communications down, and the rest of her family trapped off-planet, Catarina must persuade Alex to return to Earth to expose the truth and finish this deadly battle once and for all.

But Cat can’t explain why she’s the perfect person to infiltrate hostile territory without revealing secrets she’d rather keep buried…

The Ripped Bodice | Love’s Sweet Arrow | Mysterious Galaxy
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To enter to win an ARC, here are the rules. Please read them all! Incomplete entries will be ignored.

COMMENTS ARE NOW CLOSED. Winners announced soon!

  1. The entry period starts now and ends on May 14, 2020 at 11:59PM CDT. You must be eighteen or older. Open to US and international readers.
  2. Leave ONE top-level comment (i.e., not a reply) below and tell me about something you’ve enjoyed recently. It could be a book, a TV show, spending time at home with your dog, whatever you like. The world is not great right now, but let’s celebrate the small positives! Duplicate top-level comments will be deleted. You are welcome to reply to other comments, though, because those won’t count as entries.
  3. Comments must be on the blog post on my site ( Comments on Facebook, Goodreads, etc. won’t count.
  4. Come back on May 15 and see if you’ve won! Winners will be picked by random number and must claim their book. Instructions will be included in the winning post.

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