Chaos Reigning is Here!!

Chaos Reigning Available Now! The final book in the Consortium Rebellion Trilogy!

Your patience has been rewarded! Chaos Reigning is officially out in the world. 🎉🎉🎉

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CHAOS REIGNING cover. A woman with dark, curly hair, in a long leather coat, facing left and holding a blaster. The background is an alien landscape with a planet and two moons in the sky and everything is shaded green-blue.

Interplanetary intrigue and romance combine in this electrifying finale to the Consortium Rebellion trilogy.

As the youngest member of her High House, Catarina von Hasenberg is used to being underestimated, but her youth and flighty, bubbly personality mask a clever mind and stubborn determination. Her enemies, blind to her true strength, do not suspect that Cat is a spy—which makes her the perfect candidate to go undercover at a rival House’s summer retreat to gather intelligence on their recent treachery.

Cat’s overprotective older sister reluctantly agrees, but on one condition: Cat cannot go alone. Alexander Sterling, a quiet, gorgeous bodyguard, will accompany her, posing as her lover. After Cat tries, and fails, to ditch Alex, she grudgingly agrees, confident in her ability to manage him. After all, she’s never found a person she can’t manipulate.

But Alex proves more difficult—and more desirable—than Cat anticipated. When she’s attacked and nearly killed, she and Alex are forced to work together to figure out how deep the treason goes. With rumors of widespread assaults on Serenity raging, communications down, and the rest of her family trapped off-planet, Catarina must persuade Alex to return to Earth to expose the truth and finish this deadly battle once and for all.

But Cat can’t explain why she’s the perfect person to infiltrate hostile territory without revealing secrets she’d rather keep buried…

Read the first three chapters!

It’s a little weird to release a book right now, especially one called Chaos Reigning. It’s a little too on the nose for what’s happening in the world, but my Chaos is filled with hope and happiness and a HEA, and I hope it gives you a nice vacation from the real world for a little bit.

Thank you to everyone who has supported me for my debut trilogy! It’s because of your support that I get to work on a new series and keep doing this job that I love. Pitching something new can be a fraught thing in publishing, and I am incredibly lucky to be able to keep going—all thanks to you, my readers!

I hope you enjoy the conclusion to the Consortium Rebellion arc. I do have more stories I’d like to tell in this universe, but we’ll have to see what happens in the future. :) Next up, I’m still working on TQT and also the first book in the new series, which is set in a new universe.

But today I’m celebrating. :)

30 thoughts on “Chaos Reigning is Here!!”

  1. Ohboyohboyohboyohboyyyyyy!!!!!!!! Congratulations!!! I hope you’re having a great day of celebrating your new book! Now off to go get my Nook!

  2. It has been downloaded to my Kindle and I am ready to read it. I have some volunteer Zoom conferences this afternoon but this story will be perfect for the rainy days ahead. Thank you.

  3. Yay!!! Congratulations and Happy Release Day!!! A book birthday mean you get cake, right?! ;-)

    I’m currently in the hold queue at the library, with about a billion other people (yay, lots of fans!), and I can’t help hoping they all read fast. ;-)

    1. Thank you! I think some dessert is definitely in my future, but I haven’t decided on what yet. :) And may all the other library patrons read like the wind!

  4. Happy Book Birthday!
    I must admit I‘d forgotten that today was the release day…luckily I had preordered. So when I got the e-mail at midnight I could take a little sneak view (or six) right away. Who needs sleep anyway…
    Loving the story so far. Looking forward to continue reading this evening.

  5. Delivered to my iPad at 9pm last night. Finished at 2.30am (hey, I had to stop and brush my teeth and pretend I was going to sleep and not actually finish it). Now re-reading, more slowly, to savor. Such a delight. Thank you!

    1. Aww, this is such a compliment, because I know the books I stay up late for are ones I am truly enjoying. I’m so glad you feel that way about CR! 💕

  6. Happy Book Birthday! I got the book early with the time difference but unfortunately had to go to work at some point…… Love it so far, as I did the whole trilogy and your ‘verse. We are so lucky that you wrote those great books for us and I’m glad that your next cool universe is about to unfold too! And more of my favourite Queen. And maybe more von Hasenberg siblings. Sounds like my perfect vacation from real life.
    Thank you and have a lovely celebration!

  7. Omg – I feel feeble minded… I started reading and realized I couldn’t remember enough from the last book to understand the political maneuvering. I am now rereading that. Honestly, I just read Aurora and Polaris a month or so ago.

    Can not wait to read this one, once I remind myself of the ‘current’ state of affairs.

    1. Please don’t feel feeble-minded! The politics are a bit complex and if you didn’t understand, that’s a failing on my part, not yours. :) I hope you enjoy it once you catch up with AB!

    1. Thank you! Hopefully we’ll have some more Rogue Queen before then, and maybe another side project, but we’ll see. Right now the writing is S L O W. And once 2022 rolls around, it’ll be three books pretty quickly once again, so at least that part is nice. :)

  8. I finished already and it was such a wonderful book! Great finish to a highly enjoyable trilogy. Thank you so much Jessie!

  9. Hi Jessie!

    I bought it on release day and just finished during my 1 year old’s nap. Read the first one when I was pregnant and second one when I was up late nursing. What a great trilogy! I loved it!

    Ok I have to know… it’s killing me, who are the other members of the Fornax squad? Have we met them all? Loch, Ian, Alex, Aoife, Rhys…And Scarlett?

  10. Finished Chaos Reigning early this morning. I’ve really enjoyed the trilogy. Looking forward to TQT and the new series. Thanks for a respite from IRL chaos!

  11. Sorry been quite busy and I have forgotten to write a comment after I read your book haha
    I really loved it and so far I think it’s my favourite ! I really love how the romance is kind of slow paced, they check each others feelings before they act or when they do not they apologize and all, and I don’t know it feels so rare in a book, so normal, I loved it.
    As always I got quickly attached to the characters, they’re all awesome but have their small flaws, they’re not perfect and I love them for that.
    Thank you again for this new book !! Hope you took a break after that haha you clearly deserve it haha
    Take care, thank you again 😁
    PS: I feel so smug because I’m French and got to read the book before Americans (mouhahaha!) ’cause when it’s midnight here it’s 06:00p.m. in NYC for example 🤭🤭 and believe me when I say I started reading at midnight 😂 no time to lose 😂

  12. Hi Jessie, good book, great ending! I waited till I could read it over the weekend, and what a gift it was to myself. I really liked this book. I’ll get a review up soon for you.

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