Done! And Hunt the Stars is up for reviewers!

I finished writing the second book in the Starlight’s Shadow trilogy this week. My deadline is actually Monday, which means I turned it in a few days early.

I hope it’s not terrible, or I’m going to look really silly. :)

Before I could decompress from deadline stress, Hunt the Stars went up on NetGalley and Edelweiss+, which means that reviewers, booksellers, librarians, etc can now request copies to read/review. So that’s a whole new set of anxiety. Thanks, brain.

While it’s anxiety-inducing, it also means the book is creeping ever closer to release, so yay for that!

Now I have to do a bunch of admin stuff I’ve been putting off for a month while dragging the book over the finish line. Then I have to decide what I’m going to work on next, or if I’m going to dive straight into book three.

But first, I’m going to take a nap. 🥰

Oh, and if you have any book recs of fantastic books you’ve ready lately, drop them in a comment. I have time to read again!!

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  1. “From Blood and Ash” by Jennifer L. Armentrout (JLA). It has fantasy, court politics, world building, romance (veary steamy), suspense, mystery, and mythology. Right now it only has three books out (From Blood and Ash; A Kingdom of Flesh and Fire; A Crown of Gilded Bones) and the 4th to be out in March 2022 (The War of Two Queens). A spin-off series (Flesh and Fire) is coming in October, 19, 2021 called “A Shadow in the Ember”. It’s set in the same world, but prior to it and is necessary to read as it answers some of the questions in the previous 3 books. JLA world builds, so it’s slow the first few hundred pages and it’s okay if you’re confused because what information we get is from the protagonist’s POV, which isn’t always right. It picks up once you reach the Blood Forest.

  2. I can’t believe you’ve turned in book 2 and book 1 is still on my pre-orders for 2022!

    The lead times in writing amaze me!

    I’m currently looking for “a new author” I hate to buy a book and be disappointed so I tend to buy and read the same authors (and reread multiple times) but none of them have books coming out anytime soon and I’m in the mood for reading a new book rather than rereading. Using the blog post on Ilona Andrew’s site for inspiration so maybe you’ll find some there too?

  3. I have been recommending Starless by Jacqueline Carey quite a bit lately so why not recommend it to you, as well? It’s a standalone but like all her stories, it’s a very long and complex volume that could have been split up but I’m glad it wasn’t!

  4. the chosen and the beautiful, by Nghi Vo. The great gatsby retold by an adopted Vietnamese woman, with magic, sorcerers, and other wonderful additions that make a great classic even better

  5. I highly recommend Becky Chambers “Wayfarers” series and her stand alone “To be Taught, if Fortunate “. I had the audiobooks to all of them and they were fabulous! Right now I’m listening to “eight million gods” by Wen Spencer and would recommend it even though I’m not finished ( it’s that good)

  6. Yippee! I, like a lot of people posting above, have been reading through the suggestions posted by folks on the IA blog. Exciting! Congrats on turning in book 2! Do you have a title you can share with us yet?

  7. Have you read L Penelope’s Earthsinger Chronicles yet? The final book releases next week, but it starts with Song of Blood & Stone. The series is only four books and three novellas (plus a short story). So good!

    Congrats on finishing the second book.

  8. I know not everyone likes the ending, but I really rate Project Hail Mary by the guy who wrote The Martian…ack, brain engage…. Andy Weir! I listened to the audiobook and was utterly engrossed. For a long listen, The Martian is pretty good too. Annette Marie’s Guild Codes series are both fun – one now wrapped up, one on-going.

    1. I loved The Martian, and I’m halfway through Project Hail Mary. It was good, but then deadline happened and it’s languished. I need to pick it up again. And I love Annette Marie! Thanks!

  9. I’m not sure if I found the Monster and Manners series in your book recs :D but i really loved that one and its basically finished with just a novealla getting out around December.
    Also I really love ur work! Can’t wait for the Hunt Novel :3

  10. First of all, congratulations! Finishing the book ahead of schedule is great!

    Fantastic books and where to find them. I assume you prefer fantasy, SF and romance as genres?
    The Firebird Chronicles by TA White. SF, fantasy, and romance.
    The Hall of Blood and Mercy by KM Shea. It´s YA urban fantasy, she also writes fairy tale retellings and fantasy romance. Comfort reads. Really, just about everything by her is good.
    Green Rider by Kristen Britain. It´s a series, but the first can be read as standalone. The series grows steadily darker, but the first is is one of my all-time favourites.
    The goblin emperor by Katherine Addison. This is a gem. It has a very unique style and is character-driven. The action is mostly in the conversations and character growth of the main character, though there´s an attempted coup or two because the elves don´t really want that half-goblin result of a political marriage as their emperor.
    The Cassie Palmer-series by Karen Chance. Fast-paced urban fantasy that broadens the scope to include time-travelling, ghost-whispering, hells, Faerie, gods and demons.
    The Witchlands series by Susan Dennard. Something else that keeps getting more complicated, but in a good way.
    Dark Horse by Michelle Diener. SF romance, can be read as standalone although it is the first of a small series.
    An accidental goddess by Linnea Sinclair. Again, SF romance.
    The Expanse by James Corey. SF.
    Normally, I´d also add anything by Ilona Andrews, but this may be superfluous.

  11. Someone on the MobileRead forums recommended the Stariel series by AJ Lancaster. The recommender liked it because it has a “smart, mature, compassionate, take no nonsense” heroine, and also a nice romance for the heroine with her land agent, who just happens to be a fae prince. I also sort of tongue-in-cheek like the fact that it is a four-book series, rather than a three-book series, just for a bit of variety :-). I grabbed the first book last week, and then binge read the next three over the weekend, because I liked the first one so much.

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