Eclipse the Moon Sale & So Many Cookies

The ebook of Eclipse the Moon is on sale for $4.99 on Amazon only, for a limited time. I don’t know how long the sale will last or why it’s only Amazon, but if you’ve been waiting for a sale and you have a Kindle, now’s your chance!

Later today I’m having a happy hour with friends from my former company, so yesterday I spent the day baking because we always do a cookie exchange. After a two-year hiatus, I forgot how much work it is.

And I forgot all the tricks I’d learned but didn’t put into the recipe. 🙈

I cut my millionaire’s shortbread while the chocolate was a little too soft and it’s not very pretty, but at least the kiss cookies turned out nice. Behold, one of two wire racks I filled up:

Several dozen peanut butter kiss cookies on a wire rack

I use the America’s Test Kitchen recipe for both, but I think I might look for another millionaire’s shortbread recipe. They’re super good, but also super crumbly, so I think maybe the shortbread base needs updating. And we’re not going to talk about how many sticks of butter I used, lol.

Do you bake holiday treats? What are your faves?

8 thoughts on “Eclipse the Moon Sale & So Many Cookies”

    1. Those kiss cookies look yummy!

      For the holidays I make a key lime pie with a little clove in the crust.
      My wife makes a cranberry pie with a crumble top that is excellent.

  1. it’s fun to pick up traditions again.

    our standard Christmas cookie is thumbprint jelly cookies. wow I thought we had the recipe on our blog but I guess we’ve never transferred it! o.O grandma insists we use Welch’s grape jelly as the filling but my 4 year old kid went off the rails this year and demanded chocolate chips. their version looked quite like your kiss cookies haha

    we also make aebelskivers the morning after Christmas with our favorite pancake recipe:

    but my hubby’s special are browned butter chocolate chip cookies: sometimes he throws in oatmeal too, but I don’t think you can taste the complexity of the browned butter with the oatmeal in there.

  2. Peppermint bark! Baking for the neighbors this year will be cranberry sauce muffins, brownies with peppermint topping, and whole wheat banana bread with chocolate chips. And then I’ll make more peppermint bark.

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