Emoji on Old Posts Are Back, Baby!

I might’ve made a teeny, tiny little error when doing the database dump of the old site, so when I imported the file, all of the emoji on old posts/pages turned into question marks. 😅

In my defense, mysqldump really should’ve used the correct UTF8 encoding by default, but I fixed it by adding the –default-character-set=utf8mb4 flag and running it again.

Because I’d made a new post, it was a little tricky to update the DB, since importing a dump file overwrites everything. But because I loved all of your comments on the New Server post (so many of you have wildlife!), I exported that post directly and reimported it using WordPress’s default import/export functionality, which is pretty good!

I *think* everything should be good now, but I’m still slowly fixing the CSS. I made the mistake of resetting my Astra theme preferences so I’d be using the latest and greatest… and the latest and greatest isn’t that great, actually. I could revert, but I figure I’m in the future now, so I might as well embrace it. Grouchily. If you see weirdness with the site layout, that’s why. :)

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