F1 Weekend

The view from the cheap seats.

We spent two days out in the sun this weekend, watching the Formula 1 practice on Saturday and the race on Sunday. Because we had general admission tickets, we had to get there early on both days to get a good view. It made for long days, but we had fun.

Not my best look.

When Sunday’s race was over, they let fans out onto part of the track. You can walk through the main straight and get a look at the fancy main grandstand seats (complete with shade!) and the pit area. My husband and I stopped for a photo at the start/finish line. He looks great, as usual. I, however, have made a mental note to my future self: remove backpack belt before photos. :)

This morning I’m definitely wishing I had an extra day of weekend to recover. Something about sitting out in the burning sun seems to zap my energy. Or it could be the fact that we walked six-ish miles each day and didn’t get enough sleep on Saturday night.

Whatever the reason, I started today off with two cups of coffee and I’m still dragging. Our out-of-town family left and the house is nice and quiet. I could so easily take a nap.

But time and tide wait for no woman, and the house isn’t going to clean itself (sadly… my kingdom for a robot maid). A friend also texted me about yoga this evening and I need to make some words happen, so no nap for me.

What about you? Did you do anything fun and exciting this weekend?

4 thoughts on “F1 Weekend”

  1. Glad you a good weekend. My weekend? Well it went the same as most, I have a partner with Alzheimer’s so once he gets up, it is coffee, food and make sure he does not wander outside and hope he remembers to go to the bathroom etc. etc. If he does not, thank the powers that be for Adult disposable underwhare. This week on Wednesday is a trip to the doctor to get prescriptions filled and some groceries.
    Funny, you make it too retirement age and suddenly another job happens. Still, he is not ready to be warehoused and I can do what we pay people to do in those places. At least we got tv and books. BTW am looking forward to reading yours when it comes out.
    Keep on writing and hope you have many more happy times and weekends. Hugs

      1. Thank you for your good wishes. It is what it is. There are so many places in this world that are so much worse that I feel that while I get discouraged, life in Canada is better than in Asia or Africa or the Middle East. No bullets flying or riots when we vote. And your Mr. Trump and his tweets keep me amused/ Life can always be worse.
        Keep on writing and find more fun week ends. Hugs/

  2. We’re F1 fans as well. Love watching the races ans related broadcasts on tv. Although you were sunburned and tired, there is something to experiencing the F1 circus first hand!!

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