Finished Draft and Hunt the Stars Proof Pages

Yesterday, I finished the draft of the next book after Hunt the Stars. I still need to do an end-to-end editing pass to tighten up a few things (and ensure everything makes sense… the last month has been a bit blurry), but the draft is done, the story is complete, and now I actually have something to edit!

I always set my Scrivener draft target to 100k words, and I always go over. This MS is about 107k, and it will likely grow in edits, because that’s how I roll. For reference, the finished draft of HTS is right at 113k.

And speaking of HTS, proof pages landed in my inbox less than an hour after I wrote THE END on book two, even though it was well past business hours in New York.

Conspiracy? Probably. ;)

Both things are due in two weeks, so no rest for me yet. Hopefully the proofs won’t take me too long, but it’s my very last chance to catch and fix errors, so I have to read it with attention to detail, which is harder when my brain feels like day-old mashed potatoes.

I love proof pages, though, because that’s when the book really starts to look like a book. Shh, no one tell my editor I’m over here sharing this, but behold, the first page!

The formatted first page of Chapter One of HUNT THE STARS, featuring an adorable fox-looking creature leaping over the chapter title.
Click to embiggen

Isn’t [REDACTED] adorable!! 😍 If you want to find out the significance, you could always use this opportunity to preorder the book. 😘😏

But for now, I’m disappearing back into the editing/proofing cave. See you in mid-August!

2 thoughts on “Finished Draft and Hunt the Stars Proof Pages”

  1. Squeee from me as well!
    How exciting to watch it all come together, the beautiful cover, the proof pages and the draft of the second book. What is wonderful news to us is a lot of editing for you- so best of luck with that in your special cave.
    Redacted is adorable (on the cover too?)- can’t wait to meet him.

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