First Night in Our New House and Other News

Last night we stayed in our new house, even though we’re not even close to moved yet. We busted out our camping air mattress and folding camp chairs and had a sleepover. The old owners left us a TV, and we got the internet connected, so after we finished working, we kicked back and watched some game streaming while drinking wine. It was awesome. :)

The new backyard is so nice! This is our view from the kitchen:

A view of cedar trees and no houses because we back to a green space.

For reference, right now I’m sitting on the couch at our old house and I can see four houses out the back window, so the view above is a big improvement. :)

We got all of the locks changed, which always takes far longer than we expect. Next, we have to decide on flooring, which we’ve narrowed down to a couple of shades of hardwood. Picking an entire floor from a small sample is always difficult, because it’s hard to imagine what the whole area is going to look like once it’s done. Fingers crossed we choose wisely!

In bookish news, last Friday, Bree and Donna (the two halves of Kit Rocha), invited me to join them on their Twitch stream to talk about books and space princesses and romance. If you missed the live stream, you can still watch the video in the archive. I had such a nice time and I am absolutely delighted they had me on! Plus, we’re officially BFFs now, and I have video proof, so there’s that. ;) Follow their channel for more bookish chats, including last month’s chat with Alyssa Cole.

And finally, we’re just a couple days away from the release of Aurora Blazing! If you missed it, I posted the third chapter on Friday, so head over to the book page to get a preview. And now is your last chance to get your preorders and library requests in! Thank you so much to everyone who has already ordered or requested, you all are amazing and I appreciate it so, so much! ❤️

3 thoughts on “First Night in Our New House and Other News”

  1. That sounds like a really nice first night in your new house, a special occasion! Hope all the renovations and remaining bureaucratic hurdles will go well and you can fully enjoy the house, view and all :)
    Can’t believe I missed the 3rd chapter, but now that I read it I’m even more impatient for the long anticipated arrival of Aurora Blazing on my reader. But fortunately only a matter of hours now, so some more time with Ada and Polaris Rising until it’s Biancas turn. Really curious about her abilities, the realtime decrypting is so cool!

  2. Congrats on moving in to the new place! That view is beautiful and relaxing.

    Really looking forward to AB release! Thanks for the third chapter, I’m even more eager than before to read the rest. I wanted to check out the audiobook version of PR from my library today, to listen to while cooking, but it has a long waiting list- in fact all of your books do! I was thrilled on your behalf ;)

  3. Congrats again on the new house.

    I have never been able to move at a leisurely pace. I’ve always been totally out of one house before getting the next so there’s the limbo period where things are in transit or storage.

    Looking forward to Tuesday. Less than 24 hours to go now!

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