Friday Fun: Hunt the Stars Character Quiz

Want to join the crew? Take the automated personality assessment and find out which Starlight's Shadow Bounty Hunter you are! Preorder HUNT THE STARS, out Feb 1, 2022!

Have you always wanted to explore the stars as part of a close-knit crew of badass bounty hunters? Well, then, I have the quiz for you! Head over the the quiz page and find out which crew member of Starlight’s Shadow you’d be!

Let me know your results in the comments, and feel free to share on social media. :) I spent waaaay too long putting this together, but I enjoyed setting up all the questions and answers for the characters, so I hope it makes your Friday afternoon a little more fun!

13 thoughts on “Friday Fun: Hunt the Stars Character Quiz”

  1. Love the Quiz, needed something after this week so your idea was perfectly timed for me :-)
    Less than three months to go now, and from my results I will be watching out for Lexi since we seem to share some traits…..
    Have a nice weekend and thank you for the lovely surprise post.

      1. You really have a gift for putting together a group of wonderful characters in your books. More like a family than just support for the bad ass space princesses, our favourite rogue queen and now the bounty hunter captain.
        That makes it so amazing when they get to shine even more in their own book.
        Thanks for the insight :-)

  2. Huh-
    Evidently Tavi is a motherly type, if I come out as “Tavi”.
    It’s definitely not who I expected to be.

    I am looking forward to the new book. I am pretty sure I have all the old ones…

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