Halo 2

So, here I am, sitting in the Alamo Drafthouse, watching people play Halo 2 on the movie screen. While I’m not a huge Halo fan, I must say this is pretty cool. I actually got to play for a while, and the dual wielding is awesome. This is actually an event from the end of the whole “ilovebees.com” saga. I didn’t pay much attention to it, but apparently a lot of people were really, really into it. So, the Microsoft PR machine set up four locations across the country for a “training” event. Basically, it just means you get to come out and watch/play Halo 2 all night, with an Xbox Live connection to the other three locations. Another reason the Drafthouse is the best theater in Austin is the free wireless access, which is allowing me to bring this post to you straight from the source. When we get home, and I feel like it, we’ll post some pictures. Yes, you all have my permission to turn green with envy now.

Bleh, Dustin does not have anything with spellcheck installed, so any misspelled words are all his fault. :)

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  1. …and this is why I don’t play video games. For some reason, I just can’t justify the brain space to memorize map in order to maximize twitch efficiency.

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