Happy Book Birthday to The Queen’s Advantage!

The Queen’s Advantage is out today! This week, I get to celebrate a book birthday and my own birthday. I think they both deserve cake, right? Right. 😉

Thank you so much to everyone who preordered TQA! 🥰 If preordering is not your jam, now you can buy it from your online retailer of choice, or put in a request with your library. It’s available in both both ebook and print format.

EDIT: There is also an audiobook version coming, but it’s entirely dependent on Tantor’s recording schedule. I just heard back and the audiobook is currently scheduled for a mid-October release.

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If you want a paper copy from somewhere other than Amazon, it’s coming, but I’m not sure when. It’s set as available for expanded distribution (i.e., not just Amazon), but it takes a while to work through all of the systems. The ISBN is 1075962099.

The Queen's Advantage Cover

When Queen Samara Rani fulfills the promise she made to Emperor Valentin Kos to visit his court and meet with his advisors, she knows they won’t welcome her with open arms, especially when she’s been tasked with discovering the traitors within their ranks—traitors she tricked out of five million credits.

As soon as Samara begins her investigation it becomes clear that Valentin’s advisors want her gone and they aren’t picky about how. After their tactics turn violent, Samara and Valentin race to unravel the web of treachery and lies before the next attack ends in tragedy.

When the conflict escalates in ferocity and rumors start blaming Samara, she is forced to continue her hunt alone. Uncovering traitors is difficult when courtiers learn to lie before they learn to walk, and one misstep could cost her life. However, Rogue Queens aren’t easy to kill and Samara has more than a few tricks of her own.

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I don’t think TQA changed quite as drastically as TQG during edits, but the edits were far, far harder. I’m not sure why, but I think it was a combination of stress and anxiety about book three’s deadline. This is the first book where I really wanted to borrow Ilona Andrews’s “rocks fall, everyone dies” during edits.

Thank you so much to my betas, Regina Brandt, Chi-An Chien, and Kelly Loudamy, who read after the first round of revisions (when I felt like murdering all of the characters and calling it a day) and offered feedback. The story is stronger thanks to their efforts.

I hope you enjoy the changes, or if you’re reading for the first time, I hope you enjoy an improved story over the serial. :) You can check out the revised first two chapters on the book page. Happy reading!

14 Replies to “Happy Book Birthday to The Queen’s Advantage!”

  1. I’ve (re-)read TQA today, and I loved the changes! They were subtle, but I especially liked one you made in the beginning that made Samara smarter and more savvy and kick-ass, I loved it! Overall, I managed to enjoy the story even more, thank you so much!

    (And Valentin!!! *swoon*)

    1. I’m glad to hear you liked the changes! 🥰 This edit was ridiculously difficult, so I was a little worried I’d broken the book and just couldn’t see it and everyone else was too nice to point it out. Writing brain is weird sometimes. :)

  2. Yippee!!! Congratulations! I’m still working my way through. Savoring. Pausing at each scene to think “was this like this in the online serial? During the draft?” I haven’t seen anything yet that made me think “that doesn’t belong there” or “gee I miss…” So thrilled to read the final product. Thanks for letting me be part of the process, and thank you for sharing Samara with us! Can’t wait for the next installment.

      1. Finished reading TQA last night. Wow, I love it even more. Now re-reading TQG. Really looking forward to the third and of course, Aurora Blazing! Thank you for sharing these awesome universes with us.

    1. Yes! The third serial is currently scheduled to start late in the year, with the edited ebook to follow, probably next summer. As usual, all dates subject to change, depending on my contracted books. :)

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