Honor and Shadows is Out Now!

Happy pub day to meeeee! 🎉 I have to celebrate extra hard because Halloween was a big bust at House Mihalik—not a single trick-or-treater darkened our doorstep, and I’m sad. I just wanted to see all the kiddos in their cute costumes and hand out the totally excessive amount of candy I bought. 😭

More candy for me, I guess. And Mr. M. I’m going to need backup to get through it, lol.

But back to the book! Honor and Shadows is the short story that was a preorder bonus for Hunt the Stars, so you may have already read it. The edited version did grow by about 4k words (up to 14k), but it didn’t change too much plot wise, so you can skip it if you want.

But if you do want to buy it, it’ll only cost you 99 pennies, so it’s a veritable bargain! Read it while you munch on leftover Halloween candy and/or recover from a sugar coma, whichever is most appropriate. :)

Honor and Shadows Cover, featuring a woman in silhouette against a space background.

Honor and Shadows is a 10,000-word prequel novelette set just before the start of Hunt the Stars.

The original rough draft was written as a bonus for preordering Hunt the Stars. This is a short action/adventure story with the Starlight’s Shadow crew before they meet the Valoffs.

Captain Octavia Zarola needs an infusion of credits—fast—if she’s going to keep her close-knit bounty hunting crew paid and fed. Tracking down an escaped embezzler on a backwater planet should be a piece of cake, but bounties are rarely as easy as they seem.

As the crew closes in on their quarry, the hunt becomes entangled with a local criminal overlord, and Tavi will have to decide what’s more important: money or honor, and how much she’s willing to risk for either one.

Get your copy!
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Print books are still rolling out. The Amazon version is up now, but the version for independent bookstores and BN is working its way through the system.

That said, the print books are expensive for such a short story because they’re print on demand. I’m not getting rich on them, promise. :) If you do buy one, it’ll match the other Starlight’s Shadow books, and I did spent a stupid amount of time sweating the details, so I hope you like it!

8 thoughts on “Honor and Shadows is Out Now!”

  1. I read through the book early this morning. I really like the ending. Just a hint: it brings us readers to the beginning of Hunt for the Stars. 😉

  2. Sorry you didn’t get the foot traffic you were hoping for! We had only 4 groups all night due to nasty weather and I carried a huge basket of leftover chocolates into work today.

    1. Oh, boo, sorry about the bad weather! We had perfect weather, but our house is on a cul-de-sac and down a hill, so I’m guessing the kids are sticking to the easier streets. Maybe next year! (I live in hope, lol)

  3. We only got 4 trick or treaters here. And the squirrels have nibbled the pumpkin.

    I saved the new version of Honor and Shadows to read while at the dentist today, so of course they were ready me early and I only had time to read half of chapter one. So diving into the rest now,

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