Kindle Oasis Decisions

First, some background. I love gadgets and I read a lot of books. The Kindle was pretty much designed with me in mind, and we’ve owned Kindles in various forms since the original one way back in 2007.

In the last few years, though, nothing tempted me enough to upgrade from my second-generation Paperwhite. Oh, the Voyage seemed nice on paper, but I played with one in store and it seemed a bit slow. Then the original Oasis hit and it, too, seemed nice, but the price was crazy.

Then a month or two ago, Amazon announced a new Oasis. Bigger screen, waterproof, metal body, (very) slightly less crazy price. Plus the glass front and page turn buttons I’d wanted from the original Voyage/Oasis.

I about broke my finger one-clicking that bad boy.

Now I’ve used it for a couple weeks and I’m conflicted. It looks amazing, the larger screen is awesome, and not having to worry about the occasional splash is nice.


It is super uncomfortable to hold.

The new Oasis has the same lopsided back of the original Oasis. It’s supposed to make holding it one-handed easier, because your fingers can curl around the thicker side.

I don’t know if it’s just how I tend to hold the thing or what, but it’s way less comfortable than my Paperwhite, one- or two-handed.

It is so uncomfortable that I’m considering sending it back.

Is anyone else having this problem? Does a case help? I hate to spend more money on something I’m likely returning, but I do love the screen…

Decisions. Bleh.

12 thoughts on “Kindle Oasis Decisions”

    1. You say problem, like it’s a bad thing. Someone has to be an early adopter—it might as well be me. :)

      Though, in this one case, you might be right…

  1. I actually love the larger Oasis. I use a cover and holding it isn’t a problem. Because the screen shifts, I can switch from hand to hand. I read pretty much all day so this feature is helpful. I’ve had every Kindle since the very first oneand I’m very happy with this larger Oasis. If I had to have a second favorite, it would be the Voyage.

    1. The screen is gorgeous and the reviews are glowing, so I’m definitely in the minority here. ??‍♀️ Give it a shot; it might work great for you!

  2. I considered switching to a more modern decide and found there were too many kindle-ish options. So I am keeping my current unit until you tell me which one to buy to replace it. :)

    1. If your current device is a Paperwhite 2 or newer, I’d say stick with it. If it’s older, a Paperwhite 3 is hard to beat for the money. If you’re in the B&N ecosystem, you’re on your own. :)

    1. If it makes you happy, that’s awesome! I don’t have a Fire, but I do use the Kindle app on my tablet and enjoy it.

      Sometimes, though, I need to read on a device that isn’t one click away from my email, social media, etc. I’m easily distracted and airplane mode isn’t enough. :)

    2. Yup. Love my fire! One for every member of the family. In my case Three! The big 10″ for games and internet. My original old 2nd gen because I love it. And my son’s old cracked screen 6″ for carrying in my purse. The new 10″ is only $100 right now and The 7″ $30. Can’t beat the price and convenience of the fires.

  3. I love. love. LOVE my Kindle Fire. I love it more than my phone. I use it constantly to read, and I do more reading on if than anything else. And I love being able to shift gears, if I need a break, to do something else. The screen is fabulous, it’s easy to hold, and the storage is awesome. I have a Paperwhite, and I prefer the Fire by far. Of course, YMMV. :-)

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