NaNoWriMo Starts Tomorrow

If you haven’t signed up for NaNoWriMo yet, there’s still time.  You have all of today to procrastinate, but tomorrow is time to buckle down and get started.  So far I have three different story ideas calling to me, but they are just that–ideas.  No plot, no outlines, no character sketches, just three different ideas knocking around in my head.

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  1. Try for sure! If you do, you’ll have more written than you did when you started and you can always continue to work on it later.

    Plus you’ll be amazed at the amount you can get done. Take a pen and pad with you and write when you’re standing in line or waiting for an oil change or whatever. We have a group at NI that writes over lunch and some of them (not me, mind you, I’m slow) can get nearly the whole day’s amount done in a lunch hour.

    You can always set your goal for the month lower than 50k and work toward that goal instead. If 1667 words/day is too much, set it lower. Just 500 words/day will get you 15k by the end of the month. That’s more than most people will ever write.

    So, don’t consider it failing if you don’t hit 50k, consider it a major accomplishment just to have started. :)

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