New House, New Office

After weeks of work and prep, we finally moved yesterday! It took all day and was exhausting, but we are now in our new house. Woohoo!

We put the bed together first, because we needed a place to sleep, but after that we worked on getting the office into a useable state. When we started, it was just a pile of boxes so deep we couldn’t get to the desks, but we ended up with this:

(Notice how all of the remaining boxes are conveniently out of frame. 😉)

We still need some art on the walls, but that will come after we’ve found the rest of the house, which is just a pile of boxes right now. Priorities, I has them. :)

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  1. What sort of art do you gravitate towards? I always find it fascinating to see what folks choose.

    I’m a photographer, and while a few of my pieces are up in the house, I tend towards a lot of original animation art.

    1. I have an eclectic assortment because many of the pieces were given to me. When I buy it myself, I tend to gravitate toward paintings with bold colors and a more modern style.

      I’m thinking about attempting to Pollock myself a big piece for over the fireplace, but I’m not sure I have the eye even for splatters, lol.

  2. Congrats. You’re in the final stretch.

    At least with most of the unpacking you aren’t on the same kind of time constraint as with the packing since you don’t have a must be done by this date deadline.

  3. Absolutely: Bed set up first because time runs away from you when you are moving. At first my husband didn’t understand but he VERY much got it at the end of the day!!

    Congrats on the new house!!!

    1. Yes, the elephant tissue box cover was a gift from my BFF! The desks are height-adjustable for sitting or standing, and the controls are used to adjust the height.

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