Please Say a Prayer for My Mom

Through a series of unfortunate events, my mom ended up in the emergency room several weeks ago. While the doctors were doing an MRI to check for internal bleeding, they found a suspicious growth in her liver the size of a grapefruit. It turns out that it is cancer.

After several rounds of testing it was determined that the tumor in her liver was actually a secondary tumor. Several more rounds of testing found a tiny spot of cancer in her breast, but the doctor is not sure it’s the primary tumor, even though nothing else showed up.

The tumor in her liver is too big to operate on, so she is now on chemotherapy to try to shrink it. We’re hoping that the chemo treatments are successful so she doesn’t have to do radiation.

It’s a frightening eye-opener to realize that with all of our science, technology, and medical advances that something can still be “inoperable”.

Overall she is doing pretty well. Her first chemo treatment went okay and she wasn’t too sick, but she still has five more to get through. I would truly appreciate it if you would say a little prayer for her health and recovery.

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  1. I think we’ve told you this in person, but I wanted to reiterate it. We’re praying for your mom’s recovery, and for your family as you go through this rough patch.

    Let us know if there’s any way we can help.


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