Polaris Rising ARC Giveaway!

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Book two has been sent off to my beta readers for initial feedback, so I’m free of the deadline cave for a little while. To celebrate, I’m giving away three signed ARCs (advance reading copies) of Polaris Rising! See below for details on how to enter!

Here is the back cover copy. If you’ve seen the galley copy, this will look very, very familiar.

Polaris Rising Cover A space princess on the run and a notorious outlaw soldier become unlikely allies in this imaginative, sexy space opera adventure—the first in an exciting science fiction trilogy.

In the far distant future, the universe is officially ruled by the Royal Consortium, but the High Councillors, the heads of the three High Houses, wield the true power. As the fifth of six children, Ada von Hasenberg has no authority; her only value to her High House is as a pawn in a political marriage. When her father arranges for her to wed a noble from House Rockhurst, a man she neither wants nor loves, Ada seizes control of her own destiny. The spirited princess flees before the betrothal ceremony and disappears among the stars.

Ada eluded her father’s forces for two years, but now her luck has run out. To ensure she cannot escape again, the fiery princess is thrown into a prison cell with Marcus Loch. Known as the Devil of Fornax Zero, Loch is rumored to have killed his entire chain of command during the Fornax Rebellion, and the Consortium wants his head.

When the ship returning them to Earth is attacked by a battle cruiser from rival House Rockhurst, Ada realizes that if her jilted fiancé captures her, she’ll become a political prisoner and a liability to her House. Her only hope is to strike a deal with the dangerous fugitive: a fortune if he helps her escape.

But when you make a deal with an irresistibly attractive Devil, you may lose more than you bargained for . . .

Want to guarantee yourself a copy when it releases? Preorder now! :)

To enter to win an ARC, here are the rules. Please read them all! Incomplete entries will be ignored.

1. The entry period starts now and ends on September 28, 2018 at 12:00PM CDT. You must be eighteen or older. Open to US and international readers.

2. Leave ONE top-level comment below and tell me about a book you’ve enjoyed recently or your favorite book. Duplicate top-level comments will be deleted. You are welcome to reply to other comments, though, because those won’t count as entries.

3. Comments must be on the blog post on my site (www.jessiemihalik.com). Comments on Facebook, Goodreads, etc. won’t count.

4. Come back after 9/28 and see if you’ve won! Winners must claim their book. Instructions will be included in the winning post. Any books unclaimed after a couple weeks will be rolled into a future giveaway.

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EDIT: CONTEST CLOSED! Winners will be announced soon!

135 Replies to “Polaris Rising ARC Giveaway!”

  1. I’ve also just finished the Linesman triology by S.K. Dunstall. It’s a great series, with excellent world building and unique ideas. I can’t wait to see what their next series will be like.

  2. I am reading Jean Johnson “A Soldiers Duty ” OMG what a great series . I am now on book 2 and will be buying all of the series. It is a SF , a female herione , but nothing like Jessies books . I reccomend reccomend this series although Jessies books are still my favourite.
    and Dear Jessie I would reccomend this series for you .
    Thanks again for your books x Jean ( ha ha not Johnson )

  3. My favorite book series is the Kate Daniels series by Ilona Andrews. Their latest book was amazing and made me incredibly happy. So, I guess at this point, that makes Magic Triumphs my favorite book! If I have to choose a book other people have not mentioned, I am currently reading Rhapsodic by Laura Thalassa and enjoying it although it’s in a different format than I’m used to. I didn’t see that one mentioned. Thanks for the chance to win an signed ARC, and I look forward to your books!

  4. I loved the two-book Clocktaur Wars Series by T. Kingfisher. Highly entertaining; I blazed right through them. I’m also a huge fan of the Blood Trails series by Jennifer Blackstream. Can’t wait for book 4!

  5. I love Ilona Andrews Kate Daniels series and found you through her website. I am very excited to read her Magic Triumphs book, but I am a teacher and the beginning of the year is a mess, so I need to wait until I am more organized.

    I love these blogs and story snippets, it is so amazing to read thoughts and watch stories develop.

  6. The best ones of read recently is the Lady Astronaut of Mars books – Calculating Stars and The Fated Sky by Mary Robinette Kowal. It made me feel like a kid again, dreaming of being an astronaut. The heroine is a jewish white woman in the 1950’s space program after an asteroid hits earth pushing the space program into overdrive to get colonists to Mars.

  7. I’m also re-reading Kate Daniels. I love everything Ilona Andrews publishes and also enjoy Karen Chance books. Devil’s Claw was very good and I’m impatiently waiting for the next Cassie Palmer novel.

  8. I`ve also just finished re-reading Amanda Bouchet`s Kingmaker Chronicles and I`m now starting Ilona Andrews`Magic Triumphs.
    These comments are pure gold. Guess my TBR pile will be growing again *ohwell*

  9. I love all genres but my LATEST is called “RYAN’S BED” by Tijan. I love books that I get so caught up in a book I don’t care the age of the main players at all. This book made me feel wonderful angst, with happy and sad at once. The end was so unexpected and one of the best endings to a book I have read in a long time….not giving any *spoilers out.
    Thanks for a chance to win an Signed ARC of “Polaris Rising”

  10. I’m a big fan of Ilona Andrews and I was going to write about Magic Triumphs, but… I don’t want to repeat all the vows written before ?
    So, apart from Andrews team works, I was looking for something to read which help me with the hard times I have had recently. I was looking for something what taking me away from all the troubles. I found Rachel Bach’s “Paradox Trilogy”
    And… WOW! I honestly was thinking of taking a day off from work to finish the books. Great heroine, brooding, dark hero, interesting secondary characters, great, fast paced books, full of action and adventure. I’m so happy I found it. I can truly recommend it to anyone.

    1. Rachel Bach writes fantasy as Rachel Aaron and is just as good. Her ‘Heartstrikers’ series is all about a dragon shape changer in a modern day post magic apocalypse and ‘The Legend of Eli Moonpress’ series is about a thief whose magic allows him to talk to everything (animate/inanimate) She is a really underrated author and i love eveything she writes

  11. I really enjoyed your The Queen’s Gambit, and I’m looking forward to Polaris Rising! :D
    Recently I read and enjoyed Magic Triumphs by Ilona Andrews.

    Also thanks for this thread of comments because now I have many suggestions of new books to try!

  12. Hi all, :)

    I have multiple favourite books, I will spare you a list.
    Most recently I have read the Hidden Legacy series by Ilona Andrews. These three books are easily included in my list of favourites. I have no gripes to name, and eagerly await the future releases.
    Another notable mention, and books that I think I should reread again soon are the Poison Study series by Maria V. Snyder. Originally a trilogy, I was gifted the books for my birthday quite a few years ago. I could not put them down!! :) It is about a young woman who after being convicted of murder is offered the chance to live and become a poison taster for the leader of the nation. I loved it!!

    Thanks, Dani

  13. Looking forward to Polaris Rising (already pre-ordered)! One of my favorite books is Heart of Obsidian by Nalini Singh. Kaleb and Sahara are a fantastic couple who have an incredible history. I love stories that start with a childhood friendship.

  14. I am so excited for your new book! So glad I found you through Ilona .
    I just finished Phantom Pains 2nd in the Arcadia Project Series
    by Mishell Baker. Excellent read just starting book 3!

  15. I’m late to this party!
    So many favorites to choose from, it depends on my mood! But Hidden Legacy by Ilona; I frequently binge read all 3 as one big book, but if I can only pick one, then BFM.
    Thank you

  16. Well, going with a recent read, I finally read “The Queen’s Gambit” the other day. :-) It’s been waiting patiently on my kindle ever since it came out, so I feel really bad I forgot and let it languish there for so long… I really enjoyed the story, and it was fascinating getting to see the changes from the version initially posted and how you made the story and characters stronger.

    Reading everybody’s favorites, I know I’ve fallen in with a like-minded bunch! A trip to the library is definitely in order to check out some of the recommendations. Fellow fans of Ilona Andrews, Patricia Briggs, Anne Bishop, Amanda Bouchet, Sarah J Maas, et al. might also enjoy Kim Harrison and Kelley Armstrong, two more of my favorite authors.

    Happy Reading!

  17. Recently I read Jane Doe by Victoria Helen Stone and it was amazing! It wasn’t fantasy, it was an amazing revenge story. I loved everything about the book and the ending was just … perfect, as far as I was concerned. It was recommended by Ilona Andrews on their blog – which means I am also part of the chorus that loved Magic triumphs and Iron and Magic.

  18. I’ve just finished both ‘Magic Triumphs’ and ‘Iron and Magic’, both by Ilona Andrews. Whilst they were both awesome, I would have to say that my vote goes to Hugh D’Ambray’s book, because I didn’t believe that Hugh could be turned into a hero – but the Authorlords did it! ?

  19. I just finished Jean Johnson’s “Theirs not to reason why” about a precognitive who changes everything in order to preserve the universe. So good!

  20. Choosing a favorite book is too hard, but a book I really enjoyed recently (along with the rest of the trilogy is Third Daughter by Susan Kaye Quinn. It is a fantasy book that takes place in a world with three main countries that are all matriarchal. The main character is the third daughter of the only country to have daughters in this generation, so her oldest sister will become queen of their country, her second sister married the oldest son of their ally country and will become queen, and then the prince of the third country comes to marry her for a political alliance. It is really fascinating and fun.

  21. I just finished “Magic Triumphs” by Ilona Andrews and loved it! I’m also really looking forward to The Iron flowers (books two in the Black Witch Series) by Laurie Forest.

    Thanks for running this giveaway!

  22. I love all Ilona Andrews books, but I’m currently reading Shadow’s Bane by Karen Chance. All the Dorina Basarab books are so much fun!

  23. My all time favourite narrative is The Odyssey by Homer. I am currently translating Book 7 with my translation group and I simply love it. The micronarratives from a single phrase, sentence construction, mythology- simple amazing. The Iliad is second favourite for pretty much the same reasons.

    In recent literature I enjoy The Discovery of Witches. Looking forward to the next installment.

  24. Oh boy this is difficult.

    One of the books I’ve enjoyed recently is ‘Tinker’ by Wen Spencer. In fact I think her entire backlist is incredible, along with the most recent release ‘Black Wolves of Boston’ .

  25. I recently read a book called “Jane Doe” by Victoria Hellen Stone. It was one of Ilona Andrews recommendations. It is kind of a mystery thriller but mostly a psychological. The main character is a woman name Jane, who also just happens to be a sociopath but not the murdery kind. She is just cold and amoral. Her best and only friend in the world (Meg) has recently killed herself after being in a emotionally abusive relationship and now Jane is out for revenge.

    I really liked how well Victoria Stone showed Jane coldness of emotions while still showing that Jane is not psychopathic killer. It was interesting to see the tactics of a abuser get broken down while see it not effect Jane in the least bit as she figures out the best way to take out her revenge on the person that took her best friend away from her.

    It was not really my normal read but after reading the sample chapter I was hooked and I would recommend checking out the free sample chapter to see if it pulls you in like it did for me.

  26. Lindsay Buroker’s trilogy about an awkward scholar of ancient languages (in a non-Earth setting) whose recent work for her government as a wartime codebreaker brings her to the attention of the enemy government. They need a translator to use an archeological find with ancient and deadly technology and abduct her to force her to assist them. She finds an ally and eventual romance in another prisoner–a former enemy admiral with MacGyver-like skills. The series order: Encrypted; Enigma (short story); Decrypted. Lots of fun!

  27. I enjoyed your Queens Gambit and am looking forward to Polaris Rising! I found you through Ilona Andrews website – I love anything they write. Plus I enjoy the various series by Faith Hunter, Grace Draven, CE Murphy & Patricia Briggs. Jane Doe by Victoria Helen Stone, To the Bone by Danielle Monsch and Tsumiko and the Enslaved Fox by Forthright. And the list goes on ……

  28. Favorite book is pretty difficult to pin down for me, but I have really enjoyed all of Ilona Andrews’ works, including Magic Triumphs. I also did a re-read of The Guernsey Literary and Potato Peel Pie Society after watching the movie and concluded that the book is still better.

  29. The best book I’ve read recently isn’t fiction – Algorithms of Oppression by Safiya Noble – it’s about how the systems we create (search engines, artificial intelligence) surface the implicit culture of bias, racism, and sexism with their discovery tools.

  30. I just read the Broken Earth trilogy by J.K. Jemisin and was blown away. All 3 books won the Hugo award, and the 3rd book won the Nebula award. You never see anything besides the 1st book in a series win the better of the 2 awards, but after reading it I totally see why. The first 2 books were solidly good, but the 3rd book blew them out of the water. I was left releasing a breath I didn’t even realize I was holding.

  31. So nice of you to give some away *.* !
    I’m also a huge fan of Ilona Andrews and everything that they write (as it is Ilona and Gordon writing should I say “they” or “she” ? haha). More specially I loooved the Kate Daniels series -no surprises there haha.
    Recently I read some of Keri Arthur’s books and loved them. The last series I read was Outcast. It was very interesting, I liked how the plot went, she took her time. No rush in telling the story. Action but nothing happening too fast that it is confusing. Some characters changed, some didn’t, I like their intensity and complexity, but they also were funny and “lovable”. I liked how things went, though I didn’t like when some pieces of information were too often repeated. Overall I loooved it :)

  32. I just read “Jane Doe” by Victoria Helen Stone, which is very much outside my normal fantasy/sci fi/paranormal romance that I’ve been reading the last few years. I did really enjoy it, although the ending was slightly unsatisfying, I would highly recommend it.

  33. I absolutely love books that have intelligent female characters who don’t need to muscle their way through everything but still can if they need to. Thus, one of my favorite series is the Inkeeper series by Ilona Andrews. She posts it in serial format on her website before publishing it and I love Dina and Maud. Always a fun read!

  34. I too am part of the book devouring hoard and found you through Ilona Andrews.

    To add something different to the list, I enjoyed the Perdition trilogy by Ann Aguirre.

  35. I just enjoyably finished The Revived by A. M. Sohma and am waiting impatiently for the next and last? of this series to come out. It is the third in her gaming series that starts with The Luckless- just to throw something totally different out here!

  36. I just finished the Kate Daniels series which I love and adore! I’m also super excited for the last book in Sarah J. Mass’s Thrown of Glass series to come out next month… I might be *cough cough* sick that day for some reason?!

  37. Choosing a favourite book to recommend is such a hard thing to do, there are so many to choose from! A book with a gentler pace really hooked me in when i read it. It was a recommendation on the Ilona Andrews blog that put me on to it earlier this year, and I have re-read it many times since. It’s called Tsumiko and the Enslaved Fox, is written by Forthright and is, in my opinion, a beautiful read.

    1. I agree, Barbara: Tsumiko and the Enslaved Fox, by Forthright, was excellent! I’m looking forward to Book 2 (Kimiko and the Accidental Proposal), coming out later this month.

      And no I am not entering the drawing; I will be purchasing the book for our library when it releases and won’t have time to read it before then, although I appreciate your generosity in making it available, Jessie!

      1. Lol I had just posted my entry talking about that book when I saw your comment. Glad to know I wasn’t the only one who thought is was beautiful XD Really looking forward too for the next books

  38. Thank you for the *international* giveaway!
    Asking for a favorite book is like asking about a favorite child. I see a lot of love for Ilona Andrews – I think a lot of us have come this way after their recommendation. I’m grateful, since I’ve thoroughly enjoyed my time here :), but I thought I’d go a little further afield… I’m currently re-reading (well, listening to) a series by Lynn Flewelling I’ve loved for a while, starting with “Luck in the Shadows”. I can’t even begin to describe it, but fans of fantasy, thief/spy heros, wizards, and intrigue should check it out. Flewelling’s writing is LGBT friendly too.
    Thanks again!

  39. I’m actually in a little reading slump, sadly. I’m just in that so tired state that nothing is being particularly good, y’know. But one of the last books I’ve read – before I got myself in this slump -, and that is still living in mind, is Tsumiko and the Enslaved Fox, which was an Ilona Andrews’ rec too (seen other people saying the same thing ;D). I thought it was so amazing that I ignored work and next-day deadlines and read it until 4 am. It was that good. I actually cried for no other reason than that it such was beautiful writing, and poignant and delicate. I don’t know, I guess I got caught by the book’s thrall and I’m still in love with it. But really, one of the best reads of this year, for sure.

  40. I recently completed the Broken Earth trilogy by N. K. Jemisen. So much fun. After that, I sped through The Murderbot Diaries novellas by Martha Wells. Long term favorites are books by Ilona Andrews, Jim Butcher, John Scalzi, Brandon Sanderson, Brian McClellan, and Seanan McGuire. The ones that started it all for me were Dune, Ender’s Game, and Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy.

  41. I’m finishing an ARC of Phoenix Unbound by Grace Draven. She’s one of those authors I horde her books to read when I can really savor them. This is another good one!

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