Polaris Rising Chapter 2 and Audiobook Sample!

Happy Tuesday, everyone! We’re just two weeks away from Polaris Rising’s release. Two. Weeks. Ahhhhhh!

If you mosey over to the book page, you’ll find Chapter 2 has been added. Click READ MORE then scroll down. Enjoy!

Also, HarperAudio posted a sample of the audiobook on their SoundCloud account, which I will now attempt to embed:

You can preorder the Audible audiobook or audio CDs.

I have to say, it is deeply strange to hear someone else reading my book. The narrator does a fantastic job, but it’s lived in my head for so long that it’s odd to hear someone else’s interpretation.

I can totally understand why some authors don’t listen to their audiobooks. I don’t know if I’ll fall into that camp or not, because now I kind of want to hear how she reads the rest. :)

Also, don’t forget to check if you won an ARC. A couple people haven’t emailed me yet!

4 thoughts on “Polaris Rising Chapter 2 and Audiobook Sample!”

  1. I’m gonna read it for sure ! I still haven’t preordered it, mistake I’ll have to correct soon 😂 You look so excited, I’m really happy for you, congratulation ! 😊
    For now I’m gonna read Chapter 2 😋😍

  2. So excited! Thanks for sharing another chapter. I can hardly wait for the whole book to release. I’m sure I’ll devour it!

    The narration is good! Might have to get that version too.

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