Polaris Rising Proof Pages

The PDF proof pages of Polaris Rising landed on Friday. Looking over these pages is my last chance to catch any mistakes that weren’t caught in the seven million other times I read the manuscript.

The PDF also gives an idea of what the formatted print book will look like. For example, here is the first page:

Proof Page

How awesome is that? ?

I might have made a very undignified squee of excitement when I opened the file because it’s starting to look like a real book.

Also, all those pens I bought? I need to buy more because it looks like the title page may have a black background. Holding off on heading to the office supply store until I get a printed galley to confirm. Barely. :)

In TQG news, we are working on finalizing the cover which is the last step (I think!) before it goes up for preorder.

Lots of exciting things happening, plus I’m writing PR 2, so it’s kind of crazy around here. Now I’m off to the grocery store because I drank the last of the milk, and without milk there is no coffee. The horror!

8 thoughts on “Polaris Rising Proof Pages”

  1. Fan in California

    Pens mean autographs which mean hardcopy — excitement for those of us who like to hold an actual paper version of a book when we read. CONGRATULATIONS!! Am so forward to reading it!!!

  2. Congratulations.
    I’m really looking forward to reading all of your books!

    With regards to pens – have you tried the Frixon range? They are erasable (really do work) and come in highlighters, ink pens and roller-ball style and a range of colours.
    Can you tell I’m a convert?

    1. I have some Frixion pens! The erasing is awesome!

      I’ve heard if you put the paper in the freezer, the ink reappears. I wanted to send my husband some invisible ink spy messages, but it seemed like a lot of trouble. :)

  3. Do you want to know about mistakes?

    For example, physics is singular, so it should read “the physics just wasn’t on my side”

    Also probably should be “He was young for a commander”

    I don’t mean to be negative! Love the work you do.

    If you want a proof reader…..

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