Polaris Rising Snippet on Ilona Andrews’s Site!

Ilona and Gordon were kind enough to host a new snippet of Polaris Rising! Head over to their site to check it out. You’ll also find the story of how we first met. :)

And if you came from their site, welcome! Chapter One of Polaris Rising is available on the book page. A few other snippets are also available.

If you enjoyed the snippets, you might also like my novella, The Queen’s Gambit. I wrote it as a blog serial last year, then edited and published it. TQG2 kicks off in the next month or so, also as a free serial first, so now is an excellent time to check it out. :)

Edit: And, of course, I am eternally grateful to Ilona and Gordon for sharing! 😍

12 thoughts on “Polaris Rising Snippet on Ilona Andrews’s Site!”

  1. I. CAN’T. WAIT!! I’m really looking forward to this and counting the days. I’m sure it will be great, I already know I love your style from QG.

  2. Thanks for the snippet I’ve been looking forward to the book since you announced it way back when I thought 2019 was too far away to wait and now look it’s right around the corner.

    I really enjoyed TQG and liked the edits you made to the published story as it worked better for me so can’t wait to read what comes up!!

    Thanks to Ilona and Gordon as well as their recommendations have introduced me to a couple of good new authors now :o)

  3. So excited!!! Counting down the days :D
    I really loved The Queen’s Gambit and all of the snippets I have read so far of Polaris Rising.

  4. Oh my god !!!! TQG2 in a few months ? I can’t wait to read it ! 🤭 So many good news, I was so happy to read the story of your encounter with Ilona and Gordon and to to read another snippet !
    Thanks for your generosity,
    Sending positive and loving vibes ~~~

  5. I just bought and devoured The Queen’s Gambit after reading the post on Ilona’s website. TQG was an impulse purchase after I noticed I could not get my hands on Polaris Rising yet *grumble* but I enjoyed your writing so much that I have now installed a countdown to 05th Feburary 2019…
    ….anyway ^^* keep up the good work. I am waiting for the first installment from TQG2 :-)

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