Preorder Signed Copies of Hunt the Stars!

We’re less than three months from the release date for Hunt the Stars! Woohoo! If you’d like to get your hands on a signed copy, I have good news for you!

Preorder Hunt the Stars signed books / bookplates from BookPeople, Copper Dog Books, or Mysterious Galaxy, while supplies last.

Three independent bookstores have been kind enough to work with me to get signed books/bookplates into your hands with your preorder! Each one is a little different, so I’m going to go through them one by one.

Important: Please pay careful attention to the ordering instructions on each bookstore’s page! Some of them require you to add notes to your order to get a signed copy, so read carefully. :)

We’ve got stores on both coasts as well as here in TX, so hopefully you’ll find something close to you!

BookPeople is my local indie, which means I can physically go to the store and sign the books. So if you order from BookPeople, you’ll get my signature on the page, no fancy bookplate. I will also personalize the books, so I’ll sign them to you, your cat, your best friend, etc.

Next up, I will sign and personalize up to 100 bookplates for people who order from Copper Dog Books in Beverly, MA. If you’re nearby, go check them out because their bookstore looks so cosy and their selection of SF/F and Romance looks awesome!

And finally, I will sign up to 50 bookplates for Mysterious Galaxy in San Diego, CA. They are a specialty SF/F bookstore, and I’ve wanted to visit them forever, but thanks to covid, that is still something for the future. Maybe by the time book three comes out. 😭😭😭

I don’t have a picture of the bookplates yet because I haven’t designed them, but they’ll be pretty, promise. :) And no matter which store you order from, I’m hoping to include some additional swag, like a bookmark and stickers, but those haven’t been ordered yet, either. I should probably get on that because with the way time is flying, it’ll be February before I know it.

And all preorders, including ebooks and library requests, will have the opportunity to get an exclusive, free bonus scene/short story at release. My publisher is still getting the form set up, but I’ll let you know once it’s live!

Preorder now!
BookPeople | Copper Dog Books | Mysterious Galaxy
Amazon | Barnes and Noble | Apple Books | Kobo | Google Play | Indiebound

Finally, the last big news on the signed books front: Hunt the Stars is the March adult pick for The Bookish Box! If you don’t know, The Bookish Box is a subscription service that sends out a book (and other related swag, depending on your subscription level) every month.

Hunt the Stars is the March pick for The Bookish Box

They also do exclusive, custom editions of the books. The Bookish Box version of Hunt the Stars will be a limited edition hardcover, with a custom cover on a two-sided dust jacket and sprayed edges! I will be signing several thousand tip-in pages that will be bound into the book, so they’ll be signed, too!

Please send me many happy thoughts for signing hand strength. I’ve never signed thousands of things before, so it’ll be an adventure, one I hope doesn’t turn out too painful.

You can find more info on The Bookish Box website or on the announcement on Instagram. Unfortunately, because it’s a subscription service, it’s not quite as easy as preordering a book at one of the bookstores above.

The Bookish Box Adult Book subscriptions are currently sold out, but they’re supposed to be adding more later this month for books in January. If you just want a spot for March, you’ll have to pay attention to the site or sign up for their newsletter. Also, be aware they are facing the same shipping / supply chain challenges as everyone else, so you may not end up getting the book until April or later.

If I get more information, I’ll be sure to share it!

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    1. Thank you so much for preordering (especially from an indie!), but I’m not going to be doing individual bookplates this time. :( I did it for Chaos, but it was a lot, and unfortunately Hunt the Stars comes out right when I need to be focusing on writing book three. Sorry!

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