Romancing the Vote, 2024 Edition

Get your Democracy Dollars™ ready, everyone, because it’s time for another Romancing the Vote charity auction to support voting rights via Fair Fight and VoteRiders. The auction runs from July 1 – 5, and in the past, Romancelandia and friends have raised nearly $750k for democracy. This year they’re hoping to smash through that million dollar mark!

There are so many fabulous items up for bid, and a bunch of new Buy It Now items will be added throughout the auction, so even if the bidding gets ridiculous, you still might be able to grab something!

I have two items this year. The first is a signed and personalized nine-book set, featuring all three of my trilogies, plus a custom tote with a quote from HTS to hold all of your new books!

If the bidding goes truly bananas and breaks $500, I’m also including the first three chapters of Silver & Blood, my upcoming romantasy, which hasn’t even been edited yet (no one tell my editor 🤫). You’ll get a sneak peek way early and be the envy of your friends and enemies alike. :)

Unfortunately, this auction is US only because that many books is heavy and international shipping is expensive. But never fear, international folks, because the next auction ships worldwide!

My second auction is for a special Bookish Box edition of Hunt the Stars! This was a limited run of hardback books made exclusively for the book box, so they’re a little hard to find, but this one is from my small number of author copies. :) It’s already signed, but I’m happy to personalize it as well.

There’s a quote embossed on the front of the book, teal sprayed edges, custom starry endpapers, and a reversible dust jacket with the original cover as well as an all new cover just for this edition.

If you’ve been around long enough to live through the previous two auctions, you know bidding can get a little intense. We gladly (but lovingly!) stab each other in the back to raise more dollars for voting rights and secure those items that are most precious.

I highly recommend looking at all of the auction items because there are some incredible options. I’m going to highlight a few below, but fair warning, I might be the one sniping your bids. 😘

My agent, Sarah Younger, is offering a 30-minute Zoom session where you can ask her about publishing, querying, or anything else writing-related. I adore Ms. Sarah, and her advice is priceless, so get to bidding!

Ms. Bev (aka Beverly Jenkins) has two items: a hour-long chat and a signed and annotated copy of Indigo. Ms. Bev is an icon in Romancelandia, and a chat with her would be an hour well spent. I was lucky enough to meet her back when I was a baby author just starting out, and she was so warm and so kind, and she made me feel so welcome that I will never forget it. 💕

If crafts are more your thing, there are so many. I will be bitter with envy when this incredible rainbow angel wing shawl immediately zooms out of my budget (if it’s not already, since I’m pre-scheduling this post, lol). I can’t believe I’m even showing you this, wait, let me Jedi mind trick you all into not wanting it:

:waves hands: This is not the shawl you’re looking for.

There, that should do it. 😂

And if you want a little memento of the fun, the RtV folks have created a gorgeous new magnet this year! Just $10 and it’s yours, no backstabbing required.

If you don’t have an 32auctions account yet, I highly recommend setting one up. It’s fast and free, and then you’ll be ready to snap up any Buy It Nows that show up, since they tend to go very fast. It also lets you make a list of favorites to keep an eye on and/or guard possessively.

Good luck and happy bidding! 🎉

4 thoughts on “Romancing the Vote, 2024 Edition”

  1. I was the high bidder on you big book set albeit briefly. It’s over $500 now.

    Same with Indigo which is already at $1000.

    Sad for me but yay for democracy.

    1. Aww, thanks for bidding!! I really thought $500 was a ridiculous stretch goal for the S&B bonus sneak peek, and I almost lowered it because I was *sure* it wouldn’t go that high, but then it did on the first day. 🥹💕 I want to hug all of you!

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