The Queen’s Advantage: Preorder!

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It’s here! The Queen’s Advantage is now available for preorder with a release date of July 9!

Edits landed last week. I don’t think they’ll be as major as the TQG edits, but there will definitely be some smoothing, cleaning, and fixing. Thank you all so much for reading, I hope you enjoy the finished novella!

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Apple Books is taking their own sweet time, but I’ll put up the link when I have it. There will be a paperback version, but it won’t be up for preorder. It’ll go up right around release.

If you haven’t finished the rough draft version of the story yet, hop to it, because I’ll be taking it down before the ebook release. :)

The Queen's Advantage Cover

When Queen Samara Rani fulfills the promise she made to Emperor Valentin Kos to visit his court and meet with his advisors, she knows they won’t welcome her with open arms, especially when she’s been tasked with discovering the traitors within their ranks—traitors she tricked out of five million credits.

As soon as Samara begins her investigation it becomes clear that Valentin’s advisors want her gone and they aren’t picky about how. After their tactics turn violent, Samara and Valentin race to unravel the web of treachery and lies before the next attack ends in tragedy.

When the conflict escalates in ferocity and rumors start blaming Samara, she is forced to continue her hunt alone. Uncovering traitors is difficult when courtiers learn to lie before they learn to walk, and one misstep could cost her life. However, Rogue Queens aren’t easy to kill and Samara has more than a few tricks of her own.

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6 thoughts on “The Queen’s Advantage: Preorder!”

  1. Pooh!! Amazon is only offering it in Kindle format. Could you let us know when it might be available in book format? Thanks!! Looking forward to reading the final version!!

    1. Duh. Just looked at the rest of your post — I got so excited about the release date I don’t look any further!!

      I will make a note of the date and be poised and ready to order the book version!!!


      1. I’m glad you’re excited! Because the paperback is print on demand, it doesn’t go up for preorder. Hopefully it’ll be July 9, but it may slip a day or two, depending on how fast Amazon is. Or it might be a day early, it just depends on their system.

  2. It’s a bit tight recently (joy of being student haha) but the moment I can I’ll buy it 😍
    I really enjoyed it, I want to see what the definitive / edited version will be like 😊
    Hope you’re doing great, que tout va bien
    Sending positive thoughts your way ~~~

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