The Queen’s Triumph is Done!

Done as in written, not done as in stopped. :)

Last Friday, I finally wrote The End, after I started writing TQT last December. I appreciate your patience as I worked on getting Samara and Valentin to their happily ever after. It took far, far longer than I expected, but I’m happy with the result.

The “novella” clocked in at over 62k words, which is about 50% longer than the upper limit of novella (~40k for most definitions), and around 7k more than what I had planned. I’m sure you’re all terribly disappointed that you’ll have more book to read, lol.

Now it’s off to my lovely agent for review, then edits, then it’ll be up for sale. The weekly serial will continue as before. :)

The Queens Triumph Cover. Queen Samara in battle armor, looking at the viewer, holding a gun in front of a planet with rings.

If you’re enjoying the serial (or if the serial format doesn’t work for you) you can preorder the edited ebook, coming December 8!


Amazon | Barnes & Noble | Apple Books | Google Play | Kobo

Print books will be available, but not until closer to/at release.

If you have beta read for me before, and want to read TQT early in return for providing feedback, drop me an email. One of you has already, and I promise I’m going to respond, just as soon as my brain starts working again. :)

Unfortunately, I’m not going to take new betas right now because I don’t have time to pick new people. My next book is due by the end of the year and I have to write like the wind.

So back to the writing cave with me. Stay safe, wear a mask, and register to vote!

15 thoughts on “The Queen’s Triumph is Done!”

  1. Congratulations on finishing!

    I will admit (to my shame) I haven’t got around to starting the online serial. I reallly enjoyed the last two books serialised it’s just finding the time!

    Will def be preordering and maybe this weekend I can treat myself to a binge read of the first few chapters!

  2. With you and Ilona Andrews I am always checking my preorders just to be sure. I still find that yes I ordered it at first mention/availability and need not to worry. I still check to be sure.
    Thank you for your writing.

  3. Congrats. I will definitely buy it so I can add to my digital library.

    The longer length works for me especially since I needed another “Q” book for an alphabet reading challenge I am doing a second round of.

    Good luck with the new book.

  4. Have to add the ‘you turnip’ to my Amazon’s response, that would be fun because I’d be hearing it often when checking after your books. Although it’s nice to see the release date coming closer 🙂
    Love Samara and what a treat to hear that it’ll be a long book- meaning more adventure and suspense until the happy ending.
    Thank you for posting it too, that’s so cool to read it as a serial first and then again as a book.
    A pity you don’t need more betas, but I understand you don’t need more distractions. Wishing you some inspiring distractions nevertheless while writing, such as tea, games and walks…..

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