The Tomato Thief

A black and white night-vision image of of opossum on our back deck.

This is Larry. Larry is a thief, albeit not a very sneaky one because he made quite the ruckus while climbing up into our container garden. And then, when I opened the door and yelled at him, he just continued munching on tomatoes like I wasn’t even there.

Bold, our Larry.

I wouldn’t begrudge him a tomato or two if he ate the whole thing, but noooooo. Larry likes to eat a few bites and then move on to a nice, fresh tomato, leaving devastation in his wake. For such a little guy, he really can pack away the food.

Larry finally moseyed on after I stepped outside and clapped at him. Lest you think me a heartless monster, I tossed the half-eaten tomatoes after him so he could continue his meal in the woods behind our house. I think he must’ve appreciated the gesture because we haven’t seen him in a couple of days now.

Or he’s just biding his time while planning his next attack. 😂

In non-opossum-related news, I’m still writing the second book of the Starlight’s Shadow trilogy (yes, the series has a name now!). I’m a little over 62k words now and aiming for 100-105k by August 15. I’m still on track, but only just. I haven’t started working weekends yet, but that time is coming soon. Related: how is June almost over?!?!

This book is a little different than the previous one. I thought it was terrible, but I started reading it from the beginning this weekend and it’s not (yet, at least—I’m not finished, lol).

But I can’t edit a blank page, so I’m moving ever onward because for me, at least, editing is waaaaaay easier than drafting. Once I have the whole picture, I can go back and smooth out the rough spots.

I hope. :)

6 thoughts on “The Tomato Thief”

  1. I hope Larry learns to finish his meal before coming back for seconds.

    Thanks for letting us know the series name. Sending happy writing vibes.

  2. Argh the animals who just want a few nibbles of each! Birds do this with our apples. More understandable as they are smaller and have the appetite of, well, birds. Nice of you to give Larry a parting gift. In our neighborhood we have raccoons who are not only bold, they are not afraid of humans at all and also grow to prodigious sizes.

    Best of luck with the writing! I don’t get how June is on the outs either. I’m currently finishing a re-read of the Consortium trilogy (for the nth time) and also listening to the Rogue Queen trilogy on audiobook while I puzzle in the evenings. So much fun to spend time with my badass space princess friends!

  3. Oooh, I know just what that’s like. I’ve had a great crop of blackberries this year and I’ve been canning like crazy. However, the squirrels and I have had a battle royal over whether I get them when ripe or the squirrels get them right before they’re ready to pick. I make blackberry butter for Christmas presents and I need the majority of the berries. We’ll see who wins and who on the Christmas list gets short shrift this year!

    1. Yeah, Mr M has started picking the tomatoes that take a looooong time to grow a little before they’re completely ready because we lost a few to the critters, and they’re the tomatoes that are the tastiest. Larry and friends have good taste, lol.

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